Gerard Way brings the Hesitant Alien to the SOLD OUT Trocadero Theater with a very passionate performance

Gerard Way made his way into the SOLD OUT Trocadero Theater on this chilly Friday October 17th evening. The venue was filled beyond capacity & the fans who waited most of the day outside of The Trocadero Theater who happily…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on November 18, 2014

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Gerard Way made his way into the SOLD OUT Trocadero Theater on this chilly Friday October 17th evening. The venue was filled beyond capacity & the fans who waited most of the day outside of The Trocadero Theater who happily took their place on the barricade in anticipation of Gerard Way’s Debut back in Philadelphia since he was here in 2011 with My Chemical Romance.  

The Night began on a great note with opening band, The Eeries, a band with a very pleasant 90’s sound. Although the sold-out crowd was not yet present, a good amount of them were there and their ears were definitely pleased by this very impressive set put on by The Eeries, which we didn’t know what to expect as we never seen their live show before, but the intensity they brought onto the stage was very impressive as not many “opening” bands can bring that to stage. Isaiah Silva who is the vocalist stated that he was still recovering from pneumonia but with the performance he put on there was little to no evidence of him even being sick. The crowd and band both feeding off of each others energy levels and the unique sounds and acts of their guitarists incredibly pleasing. If you don’t already have it, pick up their Cool Kid digital 7″ featuring their hit songs, Cool Kid and Love You to Pieces. Available on iTunes here. Being on tour with Gerard Way they had a lot to live up to and they surpassed that expectation by 100%.

The crowd happy beyond belief, roared from the moment Gerard stepped onto that stage with his very unique charismatic personality & extraordinary stage presence. The Hormones (his band) came out in their matching white dress shirt & ties, all sharply dressed and ready to conquer that stage and take over The Trocadero Theater with an incredible & very colorful set. Gerard taking the stage in his very elegant attire dressed finely in his Blue suit with orange shirt & maroonish tie.  The stage backdrop was a picture of Lola, a pink monkey who has traveled with Gerard during this tour who also posts updates and information about the shows on her Twitter account, @LolaPlusG. The entire venue filled with screams of joy to see and be apart of Gerard’s first solo tour. Gerard excelled all of our expectations by 100%. He puts so much emotion and passion into his vocals when he sings, that he just completely blew everyone away with his performance. He has such an intense passion when he sings that you are just fascinated by such a passionate performance that grasps your attention and keeps pulling you in for more. He opened his set with the slow power of “The Bureau” which is also the lead track from his new album Hesitant Alien. He then went into “Action Cat” for his second song, which made me think he was just going to play through the album from start to finish in song order, but of course he had to save “No Shows” (his first single) for the closer to the end of his set, so the musical order started switching it up from there. Gerard’s vocals carry so much talent and emotion, thats it’s no surprise that so many fans feel such a connection when he sings. He sings from the heart with honesty and brings his all out within his music. If there is one thing to say about Gerard as a performer is that his raw emotion and talent makes him stand apart from others and just draws your attention in. After he played “Zero Zero,” Gerard spoke a few words then continued the show with “Millions.” The room was deafening with cheers for the 37 year old singer. Hundreds of people held their hands up as they jumped to the beat of the music. Once Gerard finish performing “Millions” and “Juarez” he spoke for a few minutes before making dedications to a few people, including Ray Toro (ex-lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance) & his wife Lynz Way (bass player in Mindless Self Indulgence). Gerard said Lyn­z helped him come up with the title for the next song he played, which was “Drugstore Perfume.” before going into “Television All The Time” & “The Water is Wide (O Waly, Waly)”. Song after song the crowds energy levels grew to incredible amounts that you could feel within the sold out capacity venue. Gerard’s voice just as powerful as his amazing stage presence, which makes for his exceptional set. Throughout the night he took time out of his set to implore us to think of ourselves as beautiful & talented  and wants all of his fans to really feel okay within their own skin as the crowd radiated as much positive energy back at him as possible showing him that he and his incredible talents are well appreciated. Then playing a few more songs before exiting the stage after his cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain song “SnakeDriver”. The stage then fading to black as the crowd chanted for one more song. Just then upon the deafening cheers of the crowd Gerard reentered the stage for one final song which he stated was about a reindeer “Dasher”. Then leaving the stage as it faded to black and the crowd began to exit the building to the line to meet him behind the Trocadero. We were there to see him meet his fans, which is very awesome of him to come out after the show and meet hundreds of fans that waited outside for an additional hour. Thanks Gerard Way for an incredible show & it was very nice meeting you!   

Gerard Way and The Eeries are two bands you want to get out and see if you have the opportunity to, they will not disappoint. They both put on very emotion filled passionate performances with A LOT of talent being featured on stage between the both of them.  

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