Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood discuss their “vacation” of three shows in three nights in Newark, NJ as he is used to several shows per day for multiple days in each city. He also has mentioned that they just had a break so “feels sorry for you guys,” cause they “had some time off,” and they don’t know if they “will ever get off the stage.” Brooks’ and Yearwood also discussed how Brook’s Anthology connects with fans in a new way, as Brook’s stated he “wanted to give fans what they want to see.”

Continuing by telling fans about Yearwood’s ‘Christmas In A Cup‘ drink. Miss Yearwood telling us about the drink, saying “I have been a fan of William Sonoma for years,” continuing by telling us “It’s important to me that the drink tastes good with or without alcohol,” finishing by stating “I’ve never had a signature cocktail before.” Check out the full press conference below.

Check out our photos from the press conference as well as the full conference on our Facebook below: 


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