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Garth Brooks Responds To Thomas Rhett’s “Friends In Low Places” Performance at Cheyenne Frontier Days

ACM’s Male Artist of the Year, Thomas Rhett, is always full of surprises, and you never know what the country music star will do center stage. The 3X platinum singer has announced his wife’s pregnancy to thousands of screaming fans, sang “To The Guys That Date My Girls” with his beautiful daughters glued to his side, and shared the spotlights with his father.

So, when he asked a young boy to join him on stage at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming to sing Garth Brooks iconic track “Friends In Low Places” on Sunday, July 24 – loyal Rhett supporters did not find the kind gesture out of the ordinary.

Before Rhett made the stadium shake with his rowdy cover of “Friends In Low Places,” he asked the audience to take out their phones and start recording the performance.

“I don’t really have Garth Brook’s number. So, I would love for you guys to record this and someone find his number and send this to him,” says the fan-favorite country singer.

Before the beloved chorus, the country music star pulled an eager concert-goer on stage, wrapped his guitar around his neck, and encouraged him to take the lead on the toe-tapping verse. The crowd went wild, and one fan ran to Twitter the following night to share the heartfelt clip.

“I don’t have @garthbrooks number either, @ThomasRhett, but we do have#insidestudiog!! This moment from Thomas Rhett last night at @CheFrontierDays was so sweet! Everybody❤️’s Garth! #AskGarth What is your most memorable interaction with a fan on stage?! Love You!! @BryanMMoore,” says Twitter user @nicole95.

The social media post made its way to the legend Inside Studio G early Monday evening (July 26) during a Facebook livestream. “Does Nicole need my number or something? What’s going on?” says Brooks after reading the Tweet off a screen behind him. While watching the short clip, Brooks’ laughed at Rhett’s commentary and confessed that he was confused about what was happening on stage.

“What’s he doing? He’s letting somebody play with him? Oh, that’s cool,” he adds after understanding the purpose of the video. As he cheered on the young boy for his impromptu performance, he answered Nicole’s remaining question about his most memorable fan interaction.


“I got to tell you I was playing the one-man show in Vegas. It was cool. And this guy raised his hand, and I
said, ‘Okay, I’m a little confused.’ It was Thomas Rhett, before Thomas Rhett was Thomas Rhett,” he shared about the special moment. “And I said, ‘man, you’re your father at the same age, or you’re his son, and he was so sweet. So we had a great conversation right there in front of everybody. Isn’t it funny how that circle kind of completes itself? And the great thing about Thomas is he can do the beard, he can do whatever…he looks exactly the same from when he was like 15, you know. He’s always going to.”

After taking a trip down memory lane, he shared with streamers that he believed Rhett picked the wrong song to start the party with at Cheyenne Frontier Days, because he brought the heat with ‘Friends In Low Places’ the night before.

“I’m sorry to say this, but you kind of picked a song that the gas tank was kind of empty on cause they dropped it all the night before,” shares Brooks’ about his honky-tonk performance. “It was fabulous, man, it was awesome. My favorite song of the night before was ‘Good Ride Cowboy…’ that crowd jumped on it like Junebugs, it was good, like really good.”

Check out the full video below, and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @xmusicmayhemx.

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