Garth Brooks “Heartbroken” Nashville Concert Was Postponed: “There Is A Rescheduled Date… But Can’t Confirm It Yet”

The Garth Brooks concert scheduled for Saturday, July 31, at Nissan Stadium was postponed after severe thunderstorms moved through Nashville, Tennessee. The iconic concert venue made the hard decision to delay the event just after 9:15 p.m. “due to existing…


Tiffany Goldstein


Posted on August 2, 2021

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Garth Brooks; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

The Garth Brooks concert scheduled for Saturday, July 31, at Nissan Stadium was postponed after severe thunderstorms moved through Nashville, Tennessee.

The iconic concert venue made the hard decision to delay the event just after 9:15 p.m. “due to existing and forecasted weather.”

“We are working with local officials in an attempt to reschedule for tomorrow night,” shares a stadium spokesperson on Twitter from the Nissan Stadium account. Before officials made the judgment call, eager Garth Brooks fans took shelter and waited for the storm to pass by singing “Friends In Low Places.”

Concert-goers finally received answers on Monday, Aug. 2, when the megastar made it clear that a new date is currently in the works during his weekly Inside Studio G Facebook livestream. The country superstar began with a brief clip of himself performing the lines to his fan-favorite hit, “The Thunder Rolls,” before addressing the Nashville stadium concert.

“Hmmm.. Heartbroken, that’s a good word for it… Heartbroken,” says Brooks to spark the conversation about the concert. “They say that character is not created in crisis, it is displayed in crisis or it is revealed. The thing that I will brag about, I will always use the word we. We were, band and crew, we’re all really lucky to be able to be on this ride, but the one thing I will brag about against anybody is the Garth crowd, G-City. Those people… frickin’ amazing.”

To paint the picture for the individuals not in attendance on Saturday night, a video appeared on the monitor behind him revealing the torrential downpours and thunderstorms that took place at Nissan Stadium. “So, if you haven’t heard, this is what it looked like Saturday night,” says Brooks.

He then acknowledged how cooperative and understanding his fans were after the stadium announced a shelter in place order in the middle of the opening act. “You would think people would be disappointed, they were right in the middle of the opener, which was the Opry, which is the coolest friggin’ thing on the planet,” shared Brooks. “Man, I was amazed how quick the stadium got out, and they put everybody is covered spaces…”

After getting emotional over the clips of his loyal fans coming together to sing his top-charting hits, he praised the stadium staff for being “class acts.” He even shined a spotlight on an employee named Jasmine, who allegedly was helping everyone throughout the night.

“Especially, there’s a young lady named Jasmine which I have to find because everybody was talking about Jasmine taking care of everybody. It’s like this woman had to be in 40 places at once. So, we’re going to find Jasmine and give her a great big hug and tell her thank you,” he adds.

The icon made it clear that he and his team were up until the late hours of the night, tirelessly trying to figure out how to host the event with the family who owns the Titans. He mentioned that they wanted to reschedule the show for Sunday. However, they were concerned about the food and finding workers to direct traffic.

“One thing was the food,” shares Garth. “Think about we had 70,000 people there, you feed them then you got to go find food for 70,000 more people the next day, and it was just impossible, servers impossible. People that direct traffic just impossible because if anybody knows Nashville, this is kind of been the weekend that the curtains all dropped and just everybody played. Luke Bryan played, they had two or three things for CMA at the Ascend. Then they got the big race coming up this week, so they just got everybody out,” he explained the sticky situation with his fans tuning into the livestream.

He assured concert-goers that a new date is currently getting bounced around and will depend on the Titans game and practice schedule. “A date, I think they have found one, but we won’t announce it yet because it’s all about schedules and everything, and hopefully we’ll be making that announcement here.”

To top off the virtual event, the compassionate award-winning artist thanked first responders for their hard work and dedication to keep pedestrians safe during the concert that took a sudden turn.

“So my hats off to the Titan organization, to Nashville, especially Nashville first responders, They did great. A lot of heat out there when people got all shoved in the same place, so EMT’s. all the first responders are amazing, the fireman, the police, everything. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you, and I can’t tell you how much you represent the city,” he concluded.


It’s a party no matter what. Thank you for being YOU! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, August 2, 2021


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