Gabby Barrett Strikes Gold With Impressive Debut Album ‘Goldmine’

Gabby Barrett Debut Album 'Goldmine'

Gabby Barrett’s highly-anticipated debut album, Goldmine, is officially out via Warner Music Nashville on Friday (June 19) and it’s destined to be the soundtrack of summer. The 13-track album includes 12 songs co-written by Barrett herself and is co-produced by Ross Copperman and Zachary Kale.

The project boasts of previously released tracks “The Good Ones,” “Hall Of Fame,” “Got Me” featuring Shane & Shane, “Footprints On The Moon” and her debut single “I Hope” as well as the “I Hope” remix featuring pop sensation Charlie Puth.

Goldmine opens with the record-breaking, revengeful anthem “I Hope,” which quickly resonated with fans and became one of the most added songs to country radio upon release. The Platinum-certified single was co-written by Barrett alongside Zachary Kale and Jon Nite, and became her first No. 1 single earlier this year. Barrett unleashed “I Hope” in June 2019 after finding success on American Idol the previous year, which led to the release of the track. The success of the track effortlessly proved that she has what it takes to be a star. The song quickly propelled her into superstardom and became a chart-dominating hit with its unstoppable momentum. “I Hope” became the first debut single by a woman to top Billboard’s Country Streaming Songs chart in April 2020 and she has become the first-ever female country artist to notch over 10 million single-week streams.

Barrett has made it very clear that this debut record speaks on different elements of her life, including her marriage with her husband Cade Foehner as well as her faith, which is well-represented across the album and is present lyrically in several of the songs.

The second track on the album, “Thank God,” is a song that Barrett told Music Mayhem, “was actually really, really fun to write” with co-writers Nicole Galyon, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins. Continuing to tell us that the song is the perfect follow-up to “I Hope,” saying that “Thank God” is “what the girl would say after she sang ‘I Hope.’” As Barrett explains: “With I Hope, I am upset at a relationship and I’m angry, so with ‘Thank God,’ It’s like I have come to realize that regardless of all of the hangs up, make ups, break ups, all of the craziness. I have a real gift in front of me now, which is my husband [Cade]. I am thankful and how can I not thank God for such a wonderful person that he’s put in my life.”

“Thank God” finds Barrett thanking God for all that she’s been through to achieve the success and love that she has earned today within her musical career and also within her love life as she found her perfect match with Foehner. She thanks God for the difficult road that brought her to where she is today, thanking him for “the hang ups, the breakups and the wake up, make up tears on my pillowcase,” all of which led her to the success and amazing people that are in her life today.

Continuing to use Foehner as her muse, Barrett has several songs that pay homage to her husband, putting their picture perfect love story on full-display in the aforementioned track, “Thank God,” but also in “Write It On My Heart,” “Strong,” “Hall Of Fame,” the title track “Goldmine” and her latest radio single “The Good Ones.”

After prominently showcasing her vocal prowess with soaring vocals on the piano-driven ballad “Write It On My Heart,” Barrett empowers fans with the motivational track, “Footprints On The Moon.” Serving as the perfect example that “you can do anything, anything you want to,” if you follow your dreams as nothing is unreachable if you continue to pursue it, as Barrett reminds fans that there are “Footprints On The Moon.” The track brings outstanding guitar solos from her husband, powerful vocals and elaborates on the inspirational message that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to and that everyone will always say you can’t till you do, you just have to prove them wrong and keep powering through whatever it may be.

“You’re The Only Reason” feels like it was written with the live-show element in mind, as we can just envision fans singing the choir-like portions of the song loudly while Barrett stuns on lead vocals. Following “You’re The Only Reason” is the album’s title track “Goldmine,” a song where Barrett really hits the jackpot with astonishing vocals and a chorus that we cannot get enough of, blending perfectly with some remarkable guitar riffs.

Next on the record is her latest single “The Good Ones,” a song that Barrett wrote about her “sweet husband” and is a song that she hopes you will use to “take a moment to appreciate the good ones in your life every time you hear it.” The romantic track about Foehner, who she initially met during their trek on American Idol, really highlights her love and admiration for her husband.

“When people ask me about Cade, how he’s doing or how we’re doing, I always end up saying, “oh he’s great, he’s a keeper, he’s a good one.” That’s where the song came from – appreciating what I’ve got and what he means to me,” Barrett explained about the song in a press release.

Next on the record is the family-oriented track “Jesus and My Mama” which brings a gritty country-rock roar, reminiscent of a Miranda Lambert hit and a song that we can truly see becoming Barrett’s next chart-topping hit. Barrett actually co-wrote the song several years ago and released it before she went onto Idol, but wanted to “reappropriate the lyrics” to who she is now, as she’s changed as a person since the songs initial release. She told us that when the song was originally released it was “released as a demo” and that she was sick when she recorded the vocals. So, she removed it from streaming platforms to re-release the new version of the song which will better showcase her vocals. She knew that she had to incorporate the song into her debut album as she says it was a fan-favorite and if you’ve ever seen her live, you know this song very well as she uses it as her show opener.

Hall Of Fame” exhibits a one-of-a-kind relationship similar to her and Foehner’s, the song finds Barrett hitting some impeccable high notes, reminiscent of the notes that songbird Mariah Carey hits in her song “Emotions.”

“I am so blessed to have found a husband that makes me feel cherished, cared for and treasured,” shared Barrett in a press release about “Hall Of Fame.” “We wrote this song to celebrate the goodness and the details of love – the little things, the feeling of truly loving someone and feeling that in return. I hope this song inspires everyone to reflect and say an extra ‘thank you’ to the people that make them feel the same way too, and I hope they love it as much as I do.”

On this debut record, Barrett even had the chance to work with her favorite Christian duo, Shane & Shane on a song titled, “Got Me.” A song that brings along some Adele-“Hello” vibes and sees Barrett flawlessly harmonizing with the duo while also bringing her Christianity to the forefront within the lyrics.

“Rose Needs a Jack” was first teased during Barrett’s 2019 CMA Fest performance and fans adored it, so we are excited to see that the song made the album. Barrett says that most country love songs always revolve around Johnny [Cash] and June [Carter], so she wanted to make a country love song that highlighted another notable relationship, so what a better one to sing about than Jack and Rose from the iconic movie, Titanic.

The second to final song on the album “Strong,” is one that really puts the spotlight on Barrett’s vocals with minimal instruments other than a piano allowing her voice to really shine. Also bringing to light that she feels strongest in the arms of her best friend, who is her husband, singing: “I’m flying higher than I’ve ever been cause lovin’ somebody more than my own breath, knowing that I’m right where he belongs, being home in the arms of my best friend, where the light always stays on, that’s where I feel strong.”

Bookending the debut album is Barrett’s “I Hope” duet with Charlie Puth. Puth remixed the song to fit a guy’s perspective lyrically, while also adding in some additional pop-elements, creating an even more impressive version of the already flawless single.

Goldmine is just one of those albums that doesn’t have a single song worth skipping as they’re all bound to be hits and brings a variety of genres to the table giving everybody something to love. With impressive powerhouse vocals, infectious instrumentals, choruses that you can’t get enough of and stadium-ready anthems, you would have thought that this was an album released later in her career and not just her debut effort, further cementing Barrett as one of the next female country superstars.

1. “I Hope” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite)
2. “Thank God” (Gabby Barrett, Nicolle Galyon, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
3. “Write It on My Heart” (Gabby Barrett, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)
4. “Footprints on the Moon” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite)
5. “You’re the Only Reason” (Gabby Barrett, Ross Copperman, Josh Kear)
6. “Goldmine” (Nicolle Galyon, Caitlyn Smith, Liz Rose)
7. “The Good Ones” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Emily Landis, Jim McCormick)
8. “Jesus & My Mama” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Cliff Downs, Marti Dodson)
9. “Hall of Fame” (Gabby Barrett, Adam Doleac, Trannie Anderson, Zach Kale)
10. “Got Me” feat. Shane & Shane (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Shane Barnard, Cade Foehner, Bryan Fowler)
11. “Rose Needs a Jack” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Joe Clemmons)
12. “Strong” (Gabby Barrett, Emily Weisband, Ross Copperman)
13. “I Hope” feat. Charlie Puth (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite, Charlie Puth)

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