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Watch Gabby Barrett Join Lindsey Stirling to Perform “I Hope” During ‘String Sessions’

Lindsey Stirling joined forces with country superstar Gabby Barrett to perform an impressive rendition of Barrett’s No. 1 song “I Hope” on Friday (May 28) as part of Stirling’s ‘String Sessions’ series.

The smash hit song “I Hope” was given a fresh new life with Stirling’s fabulous violin expertise. You can listen to the collaborative effort below:

After their amazing performance, the two chatted about Barrett’s life on and before American Idol and so much more. Barrett even opened up and chatted about how she was bullied while in school and on Idol.

“Going through school I had a lot of trouble with girls, It was just always a lot of trouble. I could remember it being from fifth grade all the way through high school but it’s just girls can be very mean, jealousy is a real thing, meanness is a real real thing and I just always use it as a positive.” Barrett explained about her being bullied in school.

“I’ve learned from my dad who just said to always use that to kind of fire and fuel you to keep going and chasing after everything. He said to me the eagle flies alone and the pigeons flock together, and that was very helpful at the time when I was in high school and feeling like why doesn’t anybody like me, why are girls saying that I’m this or that when I haven’t ever talked to them in my life and it even happened on American Idol and it’s just something that you have to go through with life and i’m sure you understand that as a girl.”

Stirling added, “I feel like women feel like there is only so many seats at the table, whether it’s so many seats at the popular table in high school, or whether it’s only so many seats for women in touring.”

Stirling previously hosted artists such as JP Saxe, Julia Michaels, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Andy Grammer and R3HAB as part of the series, which you can check out HERE. Stirling also recently joined King Calaway’s Nashville House Band series for a performance of “Come On Eileen” with Sara Evans.

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