G-Eazy, Logic, Yo Gotti & YG Sell Out Philadelphia’s Festival Pier On ‘Endless Summer Tour’

On Tuesday night (August 2nd, 2016), Chart Topping rappers G-Eazy and Logic brought loads of inspiration and good vibes to Philadelphia’s Festival Pier on the Endless Summer tour which happened to be a sold out show with Special Guests Yo Gotti & YG. This is a tour…


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Posted on August 2, 2016

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On Tuesday night (August 2nd, 2016), Chart Topping rappers G-Eazy and Logic brought loads of inspiration and good vibes to Philadelphia’s Festival Pier on the Endless Summer tour which happened to be a sold out show with Special Guests Yo Gotti & YG. This is a tour that has been a talked about tour that everyone wants to go see this summer hitting massive venues all of which are either sold out or a few tickets away from selling out, although these rappers aren’t in the media much they are some artists to watch as their dedicated fan bases will take them to higher levels of success. First to take the stage was rapper, YG. His stage setup different from the rest of the artists, had no screens; just had large, red 3-D letters of the word “BRAZY” which has become his signature. BRAZY which is a word coming from his latest album titled, Still Brazy which is YG’s second studio album following his debut album, My Krazy Life. He performed his hits like “Twist My Fingaz,” “My Nigga” as well as “Why You Always Hatin.” Hyping up the crowd with his newest song “Fuck Donald Trump” which is super relevant at this point in time with the presidential debates happening as Trump fights Hillary Clinton for Presidency. The song “FDT” speaks of Trump’s racism, his rally’s, and how he is gonna crash the country if he became president. YO Gotti taking the stage next dressed in his usual all white outfits. Gotti stormed the stage to “Fuck You,” from 2013’s album, I Am. The entire crowd went nuts with their middle fingers up in the air as they sang along. Yo Gotti didn’t disappoint with hits like “Yayo,” “I Got Dat Sack,” “Law” and new single “Wait for It.” The CMG boss ended his set with his current smash hit which is taking over the radio stations, “Down In The DM.” CMG is a record label founded by Gotti called Collective Music Group, formerly known as Cocaine Muzik Group. “Down In The DM” off Yo Gotti’s latest album, The Art Of HustleLogic performed a wide variety of songs. Some were off his previous album, The Incredible True Story and others were off his new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino. It was just after 8:30 p.m., when Logic graced the stage wearing a black FILA T-shirt and dark jeans. Logic told his fans to put away their cellphones, Instagrams, Snapchats, etc. and dared them to simply live in the moment, which fans had no problem doing for a few minutes during his performance of “Flexicution.” Then playing hits like “Metropolis,” “Like Woah,” “Deeper Than Money,” “Lord Willin,” “Super Mario World” and “Young Jesus” were among the songs in his set. He also performed from his new surprise mixtape, Bobby Tarantino as mentioned above.  Speaking of his growing up without a father, Logic named a few rappers like Nas, De La Soul, the Roots, Mos Def as others as those who raised him, which was an appreciation to classic hip-hop. His stage presence is one of a kind and his energy along with layers of talent, not only with his speedy rapid-fire tongue, but his concise rapping style live. Logic stating “People told me I would be nothing but look at me now performing in front of a sold out crowd. It’s been hell of a ride.” That ride has taken Logic from welfare to the top of rap charts, from a life of drugs to performing huge music festivals and touring alongside massive rappers on the road. Along the way, he has rapidly grown a large die-hard fan base, many of whom were in attendance at the show, rapping along to every syllable, or at least trying to keep up with him. Logic put on an incredible show with a flawless production and got the crowd amped up for G-Eazy. Multi-Platinum Selling Rapper, G-Eazy launched into his set with one of his hits “Random” of his latest album, When It’s Dark Out. The crowd exploding at the sight of his silhouette appearing from the fog filled stage as white lights illuminated from behind. This California rapper’s album, When It’s Dark Out, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Chart when it came out in December 2015, and features hits such as “Random,” and the song that launched G-Eazy onto the radio, “Me, Myself & I” Featuring Bebe Rexha. It is so far his highest charting single, peaking at number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Gerald better known by his stage name, G-Eazy, playing for about 90-minutes playing hit after hit as the crowd screamed the lyrics right back at him with earsplitting deafening screams. G-Eazy’s ambitious, talented, driven, and puts on an extraordinary show live, which is a huge reason why the Endless Summer tour will prove G-Eazy is headliner material as a majority of the shows if not almost all of them are sold out. His rap game is sick, he fills his set with hits, and uses all of his energy on stage for one fabulous show. During his set he even brought out Yo Gotti to perform for a second time “Down In The DM” together getting the crowd even more hype then welcoming back YG to the stage for a second time to perform “Fuck Donald Trump” with him. His set was beyond flawless, breathtaking, and energy filled and packed with hits. Ending his set with a sing along to “Me, Myself, & I” which sadly Bebe Rexha was not present to perform with him but the crowd sang her parts instead, we was incredible. Definitley get out and see G-Eazy and Logic is they come to your area on any upcoming tours.

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