From Ashes to New was formed in 2013 in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. In 2016, the band built up their fan base and got their fair share of exposure into the rock scene with their release of their debut album, Day One. After recording their second studio album in March 2017, The Future the band was reduced to four members. The new members Danny Case (vocals) and Mat Madiro (drums) replaced Tim D’onofrio (drums) and Chris Musser (vocals) and there couldn’t have been a better addition to the From Ashes To New family as they really boosted the bands sound. The Future was recorded at Atrium Audio with producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak (August Burns Red) and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Korn, Lamb of God) and is set to be released tomorrow (April 20th) via Better Noise/ Eleven Seven.

The Future starts off the new album with “Wake Up”. The track picks up the speed, preparing listeners for the rest of the album. The alluring guitar riffs, heavy bass grooves, and steady flow of percussion coincide well with the vocals, allowing for both aspects to equally share the stage. “Crazy” is the first single released on the album, which is quite catchy. It is accompanied by a music video that you can see here“My Name” features an electric start. The track is emotionally rich with its lyrics that will certainly resonant with fans, the rap verses on the other hand are faster in tempo making for a great balance. Similarly, “Broken” has a faster tempo as well with its rap verses. The guitar riffs and synth fillers are fitting and provide for an energetic fun song.

Songs like “Forgotten”, “Enemy” and “On My Own” are heavy on pop elements. “Forgotten” and “On My Own” continue with the dual rap verses but emphasize clean vocals. The background synth melodies, light piano features, and clean vocals make for radio-friendly songs. Similarly, “Enemy” features piano and synth melodies, but is slightly on the heavier side with explosive choruses.

“Nowhere to Run” starts off in a different way with a spooky samples, echoed vocals, simple instrumentals, and emotionally poignant lyrical content, fitting with the song title. The steady percussion and guitar riffs in “Let Go” get right to the point. The song is simple yet powerful. “The Future” finishes off the song strong with its motivating message. The head bobbing dual vocals, high pitched bridges, trap samples and children singing make for one of the best and most unique songs on the album.

Being highly influence by bands like Linkin Park, Korn, Breaking Benjamin, and Pantera, the band seamlessly blends elements of hard rock, punk, hip hop, electronica and pop. The Future is filled with alluring guitar riffs, catchy synth melodies and dual rap verses provide for a fresh, modern and compelling sound; giving listeners a little taste of everything. The album provides for variety, but just enough to captivate listeners and leave them wanting more. Revamped and ready to drop their new album, From Ashes to New will undoubtedly relate to fans, both old and new. The lyrical content of the record is very empowering, uplifting, and unique to the band. We highly recommend you picking up this new record and seeing the band out on the road this spring/summer with Bad Wolves, List of tour dates can be found, HERE.

Music Mayhem’s Rating: 5 out of 5

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The Future track listing
1. Wake Up
2. Crazy
3. My Name
4. Gone Forever
6. Forgotten
7. Enemy
8. Nowhere To Run
9. Let go
10. On My Own
11. The Future

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