We were recently able to catch up with From Ashes To New band members Matt Bradyberry and Mat Madiro at the recent Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival at BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ to talk about what they have been up to these days! From Ashes to New put on a killer performance opening up the main stage for this year’s festival and definitely drew in quite a large crowd!

We were thrilled that the band members took some time out to talk with us about their recent collaboration with “Love Is Louder” in support of Anti-Bullying Month this October. From Ashes To New partnered with the movement in an effort to help fans and friends who have been affected by bullying and its side effects (such as depression and suicide) and to call attention to the underlying problems instead of the symptoms.

Love Is Louder” was started by actress Brittany Snow, MTV and The Jed Foundation in 2010. Their directive is to amplify the message that ‘love and support are louder than any voice that tries to bring us down.’ Creating community and making people feel more connected and supported, they provide campus programming for high schools and colleges to educate students on how to communicate positively and responsibly with friends who are being bullied, suffer from body image issues, depression, suicidal thoughts and more.

Through PLEDGE MUSIC the band has set out to raise money to bolster LOVE IS LOUDER’s important efforts. Using lyrics from their current single “Broken,” the band has created an exclusive shirt with “I Won’t Be Broken” asserting the band’s and fans’ position of strength to help solve the problems.

The story of From Ashes to New is truly that of pursuing a dream regardless of the obstacles that may arise. The band’s debut album Day One earned the band a Top 10 track at Active Rock radio with the single “Through It All”. Following an extensive album cycle, the band’s original drummer and co-vocalist both abruptly left the band. Rather than focusing on the setbacks, From Ashes to New forged ahead with a new energy and purpose. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based band, now comprised of frontman/rapper/programmer Matt Brandyberry, guitarist Lance Dowdle, vocalist Danny Case, and drummer Mat Madiro (Trivium) released their sophomore album, The Future earlier this year. The lead single, “Crazy” peaked at the #2 position on the Active Rock Radio Charts. The current single “Broken” is at radio now!

Check out our full interview below:

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