Frank Iero Talks My Chemical Romance and Jonas Brothers Beef in Exclusive Interview

Earlier this year, Joe Jonas made a comment in an interview on UK’s KISS FM Breakfast show saying, “I’ve got some dirt, My Chemical Romance apparently were rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which I thought they broke up, so I don’t know” teasing My Chemical Romance fans into believing that the band is rehearsing for something. Which quickly sparked a response from My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero who quickly squashed the reunion rumors in an interview with the Asbury Park Press saying he “survived a bus accident, so anything is possible,” which obviously did not completely shut down the reunion rumors.

We are now wondering if Jonas was telling the truth about the My Chemical Romance rehearsal rumor since today the band announced their reunion and first live show since 2012 when the band broke up after teasing fans throughout the day with cryptic updates to their social media platforms. And earlier this summer we were out at Riot Festival in Chicago, IL, thanks to TickPick and Frank Iero was performing on the festival and our reporter Kevan Kenney interviewed Iero and mentioned in the interview about the Jonas beef about the rehearsal tweets and Iero replied with “Idk [why he said it] I think you’d have to ask him.”

Watch the clip from the interview about the Jonas/My Chemical Romance beef below and click HERE for the full interview with Frank Iero.

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