Clay Aiken; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Clay Aiken; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Former ‘American Idol’ Star Clay Aiken Is Running For Congress In North Carolina

Clay Aiken just revealed that he is running for congress!

The former American Idol star and political activist announced on Monday (Jan. 10) that he would be running for Congress once again, as he seeks a seat in North Carolina, currently held by Rep. Kathy Manning, an attorney who was elected in 2020.

The 43-year-old and former Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF shared a video announcing his bid, which he captioned, “Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since I first got to share my voice with you? That’s a long time. A LOT has changed! We need powerful voices more than ever, so I’m running for Congress. And my voice is even stronger now!”

“Hey folks it’s been a while,” Aiken began to say in a campaign kickoff video titled ‘Clay Aiken Warming Up.’ 

“I came home, I came out, I became a Father. These days my life looks a lot more like yours than Justin Bieber’s, I can promise you. But one thing that has never changed for me is that I love my home state. North Carolina is the place that I discovered first that I had a voice and that it was a voice that can be used for more than singing.”

Aiken added, “you know for decades, North Carolina was actually the progressive beacon in the South. We had the roads and the best schools, because back then the loudest voices in our government was progressive to make sure our state was always moving forward, but then things changed, and the progressives lost power.”

The Raleigh native continued, “We have gotta get better at speaking up and using our voices ’cause those folks ain’t quieting down anytime soon. That’s why I’m running for Congress, here in this community that raised me and where I first discovered my voice.”

Watch the campaign video below.


According to his campaign website, Aiken would be focused on current issues ranging “from stopping climate change, systemic racism, income inequality and gun violence to securing voting rights, free health care and a woman’s right to choose.”

“In Congress, I’ll use my voice to advocate for common-sense policies that encourage continued job growth and healthy communities. Many of these political battles divide us as people, threaten our democracy, and weaken America,” Aiken shared. “North Carolinians are worried about affordable health care and rapid inflation. They are worried about their retirement savings and are frustrated by crowded interstates and infrastructure that hasn’t kept up with our rapid growth. These are the issues that matter, and these are the issues I will focus on in Congress.”

Aiken previously ran for Congress in 2014, however his campaign was unsuccessful.

If Aiken does get elected during this race, he would make history as the first openly gay congressperson from the South.

If you wish to contribute to Aiken’s campaign you can donate HERE.

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