Florida Georgia Line Isn’t Breaking Up But Tyler Hubbard And Brian Kelley Are Releasing Solo Music

Although it has been rumored, Florida Georgia Line are not breaking up but Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are going to release solo music. The duo still plans to tour together as Florida Georgia Line this year once it’s safe to do so pending the ongoing pandemic.

In a new 10-minute video clip shared by the country duo on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1), Hubbard and Kelley promised fans “FGL’s not breaking up, we’re just venturing out” and are both ready to embark on some solo music efforts.

Kelley explained that during his pandemic downtime, he was able to do some “soul searching” and during that time while writing some new tunes, Kelley realized that he is “supposed to sing these” new songs that he wrote after finishing up FGL’s fifth studio album which is slated to be released in early February.

“Having some extra time this year, being in a pandemic year and a lot of uncertainty and a lot of extra time being down here in Florida with Brittney and the dogs, I did a lot of soul searching, man.” Kelley explained of his new venture. “And I took some time off of writing songs. I didn’t know what I was searching for, and kind of where I landed was really falling in love with my guitar and writing songs again. Even more than ever, man. And nobody knows this, but it’s been a lifelong dream of mine, and I feel like I started writing an album once I started writing again. A couple songs that I felt like, ’I’m supposed to sing these.’ It really created this freedom for ourselves in addition to what we do with FGL. That was cool navigating through what that looks like. Having (Hubbard’s) blessing means everything and it really completes the whole perspective of my life. There’s nothing more important for everyone to honor your life’s calling.”

While Tyler Hubbard explained that they never made a video solely for their fans to just chat with them for a second to fill them in on what’s going on in their lives. So he explained that he believes that it is time for them to be able to “venture out and have a voice of our own and have an individuality.”

“You know, we’ve never made a video for our fans. Let’s just chat with our fans for a second, let’s fill them in on everything going on in FGL’s world and our personal world, ’cause there’s a lot going on.” Hubbard explained. “We want to make sure our truth is out there for you guys, and our genuine excitement in support of each other for the next chapter of our career, our music, our journey. A lot has changed. We’re about to drop the rest of our fifth album. And in the midst of all that, we’ve also got to work on some stuff individually. We just try be really transparent and real with you guys. Like BK said, timing is everything, and we’ve been on a 10-year journey together. We wouldn’t change it for the world. And we’re gonna continue our journey. You guys as our fans have changed our lives and we’re forever grateful. In the meantime, it’s a beautiful place to be to be able to venture out and have a voice of our own and have an individuality. We’ve always been a package deal, but I think there’s freedom in this time to be able to not always be a package deal. I have a strong peace about the next journey, the next chapter.”

Kelley hinted that his solo music could be out by Summer 2021, which Hubbard has already got to listen to and teased that it “sounded amazing.” While Hubbard is set to release his solo music sooner than you think, as it seems he is preparing a new collaborative song with fellow superstar Tim McGraw.

Florida Georgia Line’s fifth studio album, Life Rolls On, is set for release on Feb. 12. You can pre-order the new record HERE.

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