Films, Games, and Series: The Music Industry Continues to Inspire All Mediums

You’ll rarely witness a musician write a song explicitly based on a film, game, or series. And yet films, games, and series are more than willing to build on specific tracks and artists. Those who make it big in music or have an interesting story to tell have become of particular interest to creatives in other entertainment mediums, going as far as musicals being brought from the stage to screens.

Now, there are so many ways to engage with popular musicians and their records away from one’s mp3 player, with music-inspired content being very big business. Here, we’re going to peer into some of the best instances of aspects of the music industry being brought to the screens of a different medium.

Getting a look backstage

Music has a way of bringing some of the biggest characters and most creative thinkers to the limelight, with innovators and entertainers appealing to droves of people across the world. Along with their on-stage performances, there are, of course, the stories of what happens backstage and across the industry. Documentaries grant us a no-holds-barred look at the person behind the performer, with Netflix being one of the biggest hubs for music documentaries.

Depending on your fandom, you’ll want to watch different documentaries – especially if the subject is one of your favorite artists – but from a human interest perspective, a few stand out. Perhaps chief among these documentaries is Amy, which comprehensively covers the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse as well as offers insights into the essence of being a celebrity. For a revealing look into the contemporary space of pop stardom, Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana documents the singer’s battle with trying to wield her influence correctly.

Experiencing the music on a new platform

For perhaps the briefest of spells, video gaming was hailed as the platform which would save the music industry. This was at the time of the insanely popular Guitar Hero game franchise, which launched in 2005. Its widespread success introduced new audiences to older acts and offbeat artists, seemingly encouraging further music sales. However, the publishers oversaturated their own market, leading to Guitar Hero and its ilk fading from existence almost as suddenly as they arrived on the scene.

Yet, gaming is still acting as a courier of music and even musicals, utilizing soundtracks to appease existing fans or introduce new acts to new groups. For those fans who want to game while enjoying the sights and sounds of their favorite musicals, there are online slots games created for that exact purpose. One of the most popular of these, for musical fans and online gamers, has proven to be the officially licensed Grease, a video slot available on William Hill casino.

As for video gaming, annual sports game franchises have been seen as the new MTV by some, with the games’ multi-million unit sales meaning that anyone who buys the games will enjoy a soundtrack that’s mostly filled with up-and-coming artists.

Seeing the shows come to life again

Often tying in some backstage and personal drama to add sustenance to the huge live event set-piece recreations, music movie biopics have become very popular in the film industry of late. While several have been made in the past, there has been a swelling of films in this genre in recent years, fronted by Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman. While 94 percent of those attending the Queen biopic claimed to be fans of the band, the appeal – based on box office revenue – far surpasses such fanatics.

Older music biopics have proven to be a bit hit-or-miss affair, with many of the better ones becoming more appreciated as time passes. Now, Hollywood producers want to cash in on the interest in music icons, with films showcasing aspects around The Beatles, Judy Garland, and Bruce Springsteen all coming after Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody. Of course, there are also the regular musical movie releases, often derived from artists or musicals, such as with Mamma Mia.

These days, music can be explored across a great range of mediums, opening audiences up to artists and expanding on the legacy of icons.

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