Fifth Harmony bring 7/27 Tour to Camden, NJ

Epic Records own, Fifth Harmony proved Sunday night that the beauty of harmonizing is not strictly owned by the music industry’s boy bands by delivering a powerful and energy filled performance as part of the group’s “7/27” tour at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ. Bringing along special guests JoJo & Victoria Monet to get the evening started with incredible female fronted music. 4 years ago, Fifth Harmony was just a 5 piece group on X-Factor never thinking that they would become the very successful, and one of music’s biggest girl-group.  Fifth Harmony known for their hits like, “Miss Movin’ On” and “Sledgehammer,” which launched their career as those two singles became their Chart topping hits. “Miss Movin’ On” becoming their first RIAA Certified Gold Single, and “Sledgehammer” becoming their first RIAA Certified Platinum Single. Fifth Harmony also proving to have matured and want a more grown up and sexy look and sound to their group, releasing chart-topping hits such as “Worth It” off their debut studio album, Reflection. As well as “Work From Home” and “All In My Head(Flex).” off their second and latest studio album, 727. This is where the tour name 727 Tour comes from. Fifth Harmony taking the stage at approximately 8:45pm at BB&T Pavilion entering the stage to a video “welcoming Harmonizers to Flight 727” then the video cutting to their past auditions on The X Factor and showing their growth from the girls they were on that show compare to the matured girls they are today as Shontelle’s “Impossible” played in the background which is the song Fifth Harmony played in the Semi-Finals on The X Factor. As the video’s flight attendant stated “Please take your seats we are cleared for takeoff” and you see the flight depart into a sunset the venue suddenly goes dark as Fifth Harmony make their grand entrance to their stage and the venue erupts to ear deafening screams. Launching into their set with self-empowering anthem “That’s My Girl” which made the crowd dance and sing along instantly from the first lyric to the last. Fifth Harmony took the fans on a trip to 5 dream “islands” with their 21-song set during flight 727 which included Cloud 9, Fantasy Island, Mystery Island, Paradise Island, and F.U.N. Island. Each island consisting of 4 songs with the exception of F.U.N. being packed with about six their latest hits. In a 21-song performance that was very strong in vocal strength, the flawless women in Fifth Harmony being, Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui put on one incredible show. Moving quickly and confidently through a limited but growing repertoire of songs that managed to highlight each of their individual and combined strengths, moving from one singer to another to five-part harmonies seamlessly. Their choreographed stage presence was beyond flawless dancing, walking, and moving in sync. Their Harmonized Vocals fit together perfectly and were very rich and beautiful throughout the entire night. Their production was very colorful, eye grabbing and visually pleasant. The highlight and one of the standout performances of the evening was “Brave, Honest, Beautiful,” where they were backed solely by only an acoustic guitar, as they showcased each of their voices. Following “Gonna Get Better,” they closed their set with two fan favorites, “Voicemail” and “Worth It.” For their encore which the fans begged for, the girls returned to sing the song that everybody was waiting for; which was their smash single, the multi-platinum-selling “Work From Home,” which garnered them a huge standing ovation.Overall, Fifth Harmony showed the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ an incredible night of great music. Their vocals were very Soothing, Flawless, and Complimenting to the backing music. They were able to show New Jersey what they were made of which consists of pure talent, beauty, and a commanding stage presence that grasp your attention throughout the entire show.  Definitley check out their website for more tour dates and get out and see them when they come to your city: out our exclusive photo gallery of Fifth Harmony by our photographer, Andrew Wendowski.

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