Fervence Release “Beneath the Sleeping Earth” Off Of Their New Album, ‘Ghost’

Fervence is an alternative/metal band consisting of Austin Bentley (vocals), Trent Odneal (guitars), Josh Mathis (drums), and Jon Daniels (bass). Although the band formed in 2017, these guys have had their share of experience after being members of previous projects. With their debut album, Ghost, the band expresses their new signature sound, which is melodic, violent, and methodical, taking inspiration from bands like Silent Planet, Northlane, Tesseract, and Saosin.

“Our debut album, Ghost, is a dialogue on the greater thoughts of what lies beyond the pale, the idea of life again, and the tragic way of contemplating everything in between,” says Fervence. “The album also delves into the duality of personal value, relationships, toxicity, and what it feels like to be human.”

With their latest single, “Beneath the Sleeping Earth,” the band explores the toxicity of a relationship, that some may not realize is even toxic at all.

With lyrics like, “I watched you / I watched you fall apart into the air / The things we lay aside /  Wasn’t I a change to something? / Was I ever spun into a thing that mattered?,” the band shares the pain of losing someone, whether it be mentally or physically out of your life. With Austin’s vocals, you can feel every word that he sings, and how everything he seemed to do wasn’t enough for the person that he’s talking about.

Listen to Beneath the Sleeping Earth below:

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