FEATURED: Silverstein ReDiscover's The Waterfront in Philadelphia with a SOLD OUT show at Union Transfer

One of Silverstein’s most well-known albums ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ turned ten this year, and the band themselves celebrates fifteen years together. You have to know at least two songs from ‘Discovering The Waterfront’, like Smile In Your Sleep or even My Heroine. Many music fans, including myself and other bands members on this tour even, consider this album one of the pieces that helped to define their musical tastes today. After 15 years, Silverstein has become a staple in the post-hardcore music scene. It seems only fitting that Silverstein would celebrate these two incredible milestones with an extraordinary anniversary tour! 

2005’s Discovering the Waterfront, an album that cracked Billboard’s Top 200 debuting at #34 the first week of its release back in 2005. This album is only one of Silversteins most popular albums to date and a fan favorite. The Discovering The Waterfront 10 Year Anniversary Tour entered into Philadelphia, PA on February 20th, 2015 at The Union Transfer. The excitement of a pitch black room before the band even hit the stage sent fans cheering. As the stage then illuminated with the flashes of deep green strobe lights, Silverstein hit the stage and the chaos began. Beginning their set with “Smashed Into Pieces” a hit song off their debut album When Broken Is Easily Fixed. The entire Union Transfer going crazy, the entire venue shaking from the intense amount of excitement and the crowds voices screaming the lyrics right back to the band. The crowds response to just their opening song welcomed Silverstein back with a very welcoming response. Going right into a few other popular tracks “Massachusetts”, “Sacrafice”, “Stand Amid The Roar” before pausing to announced that they would be playing their entire ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ album front to back, as well as several popular songs from other albums.  Then jumping right back into “Vices”, “The Artist” & debuting their new song for the first time live in Philadelphia “A Midwestern State Of Emergency” off their highly anticipated new album I Am Alive In Everything I Touch due out May 9th, 2015. The crowd showing their loyalty to the band already knew every single lyric to that new song. After performing that new song they then went right into “Bleeds No More” before the stage faded to black and the band exited for a very brief intermission. 

Just as the backdrop of Silverstein’s name with logo dropped and Discovering The Waterfront’s album cover unveiled unto the background. Silverstein then rentering the stage for that moment the entire crowd has been waiting for Discovering The Waterfront played from beginning to end! Getting right back into it with “Your Sword Versus My Dagger” which the crowd then releasing their intense amounts of energy to mosh, crowd surfers flowed to the front faster then running water & the chaos officially beginning! At this point in Silverstein’s career as a band together for 15 years and counting I would say they are at the highpoint of their popularity which don’t get me wrong they had a huge following since day one but they are better then they ever were! Silverstein then playing “Smile In Your Sleep”, “The Ides Of March”, “Fist Wrapped In Blood”, “Discovering The Waterfront” & “Defend You” before going into a fan favorite off this album “My Heroine” where vocalist Shane Told did not even need his microphone as the crowd screamed the lyrics out so loud you could barely hear him. Silverstein has a great stage presence with a very interactive crowd and the band interacting back they put on one hell of a show and YOU WANT TO SEE! Playing “Always and Never”, “Already Dead” & “Three Hours Back” to end out their set. Well teasing the fans to make them think it was the end of their set before Shane then coming back to the stage solely with a guitar to acoustically sing “Call It Karma” for the first half of the song that is, before the full band then entered onto the stage to finish out the night of incredibly talented musicianship! Silverstein is not one to miss, if they are touring into your area get out and see them. Trust me they never failed to give you what you came for a killer rock and roll show! 

Photos & Review By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

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