FEATURED: PVRIS Brings Their Gritty & Alluring Sound To The SOLD OUT Electric Factory! (Night Two)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On February 15th, 2015 PVRIS (pronounced Paris) entered into The Electric Factory on The World Tour for an extraordinary Sold Out Night Two.  As Lynn Gunn (guitar/vocals), Alex Babinski (guitar/keys), Brian MacDonald (bass/keys), and Justin Nace (Drums) hit the stage to begin their set to perform to a venue filled beyond the capacity, as the crowd went wild at first glance of PVRIS. PVRIS was formed back in 2012 and their record, “White Noise”, was released via Rise Records in October of 2014 which has blown the minds of many. They definitely deserve it and have worked very hard for the rapidly-expanding devoted fan base they have today. Their music speaks for itself, let alone their amazing live performance as their stage presence is beyond belief. PVRIS’ music is very unique, Their pop rock sound is well complimented by synthesizers and combined with Lynn’s vocals which went from singing softly about heartbreak to a shouting chorus, which managed to quickly get the entire room off their feet with hits “My House” and “St. Patrick”, both off of their latest album, White Noise. It was clear that if the fans did not know/heard of PVRIS before seeing them tonight, everyone had fallen in love with them before the end of their set. Although PVRIS only had a 30 minute set, during that short period of time they put out an incredible 7 song setlist. The energy skyrocketing through the roof throughout their entire set, even the fans who didn’t know the lyrics were into it jumping around with their hands up high in the air. The connection the crowd had with the music and that the band had with the crowd was beyond belief and only added to the energy and excitement of the show. The fast growing popularity of PVRIS is proof that if you do what you love and you’re good at it, it is possible to do anything. PVRIS far exceeds being just that opening band, their gritty and alluring style shows their originality throughout their entire set and deserve to be headlining.   Beginning in small bars, playing the Ernie Ball Stage their first year on Warped tour, to now playing to sold out arenas on The World Tour and on Warped Tour 2015 this year on the Journey’s Stage along with their own Headliner in EUROPE this April. Keep PVRIS high up on your music radar, as I can definitely see them selling out arena tours on their own in the very near future. 

Check out FULL PHOTO GALLERIES OF PVRIS: www.awendowskiphoto.com/f841695322

www.PVRIS.com | www.Facebook.com/PVRISBandMA | www.vanswarpedtour.com/bands/pvris  

Instagram: @ThisIsPVRIS | Twitter: @ThisIsPVRIS

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