FEATURED: Pierce The Veil is King For The Day in Philadelphia at The SOLD OUT Electric Factory (Night Two)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On February 15th, 2015 Pierce The Veil entered into The Electric Factory on The World Tour for an extraordinary Sold Out, Night Two.  As The White curtain illuminated with silhouettes of San Diego natives Vic Fuentes (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Tony Perry (Guitar), Jaime Preciado (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals), & Mike Fuentes (Drums), and “May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight” off their 2012 release of Collide With The Sky, filled the venue the crowd roared with an intense amount of excitement. As the curtain released and dropped to unveil Pierce The Veil in full on the stage the crowd went wild and the chaos of an incredible night two has begun. Going right into their explosive hit song “Hell Above” as the confetti fluttered down upon the crowd they went absolutely insane. Embarking on what could be their 5th consecutive Sold Out Headlining tour, Pierce The Veil showed that their energy has not died in all the years of touring but increased incredibly. Over the years of seeing Pierce The Veil live, they have only improved each time selling out arenas & boosting their already phenomenal amounts of energy on stage. Pierce The Veil kept their energy pinned till the last note of the last song, without a minute to take a breather. Their popularity and fame over the past year or so has only risen, their incredibly loyal fan base is very devoted to them as you can tell at their shows. I have and I’m sure you have never been to a Pierce The Veil show that was not Sold Out even in the beginning of their careers it was sold out shows. At times Vic didn’t even need to sing as the crowd sang every single word to every song at the top of their lungs shaking The Electric Factory. Their setlist fluctuating between tracks from their last two albums (Collide With The Sky and Selfish Machines), but mostly full of Collide With The Sky as this tour serves as Collide’s victory lap (nearing its third anniversary, with a new album in the works), full of post-hardcore classicism, branded mexicore spirit, and lyrics that their core audience can relate to. The blazing guitars and exhilarating flawless vocals of frontman Vic Fuentes leave you breathless.  Over the years of following PTV, Vic has gained a remarkable amount of confidence on the stage and within his vocal range. It’s been known for some time now that Pierce the Veil are one of the most exciting live acts to see, they put on mind-blowing sets with huge productions to give their fans exactly what they came to see a breathtaking rock and roll show. They are a band there for their fans and not there to be “that famous rock band”, Which shows within their performance. Pierce the Veil are seasoned performers, with Blasts of confetti, fog cannons, neon-lit risers, and a stage full of lights made the show captivating and showed a particular attention to detail in production that the band has always been known for. They have a unique way to interact with the fans acting as conductors of the crowd, when Vic asked the crowd to jump the entire venue jumps. Vic with a huge smile on his face and still astonished that the crowd knows every word to every song, Although that smile did not leave his nor the rest of the bands faces throughout their 10 song set. The way they smile after every song once the intensity has left helps to prove that they really are just the kids that made it from the crowd to the stage. PTV use every inch of their stage space jumping, running around, interacting with each other and the crowd. Pierce The Veil is hands down one of the top 5 bands I have ever seen live between their unique music and the talents the band has to grasp your attention throughout their entire set. The band uses live shows as their opportunity to showcase their impressive musicianship and creativity. The band closed out their ten-song set with one of their biggest hits and their first ever gold-certified single, Featuring Sleeping With Sirens Vocalist Kellin Quinn “King for A Day” which ended as The band danced off the stage to a musical tune.  It’s rare to see a band that has become famous playing Warped Tour, having the success to draw and attract crowds that are filling arenas. It’s clear that PTV is a band that is steadily making their way to the kind of success previously only known to mainstream bands. Look out for their new album coming out sometime this year and if they happen to tour near you get out and see them, They never fail to blow the minds of all their fans at each and every show!

Setlist: Hell Above, Caraphernelia, Bulls In The Bronx, Disasterology, Hold On Till May, Props & Mayhem, I’m Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket, A Match In The Water, Bulletproof Love, & King For A Day (feat. Kellin Quinn).

Check out photos of Pierce the Veil from BOTH Nights of The SOLD OUT Philadelphia Shows: www.awendowskiphoto.com/f1055013148

Night One Review: www.musicmayhemmagazine.com/#!The-World-Tour-Destroys-The-Electric-Factory-with-a-breathtaking-show-Night-One/c1cvg/3EF0909D-5707-4A15-A6DC-98FEE0575F51

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