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Fan Of Good Charlotte? You Need to Listen to The Generation GC Podcast!

Are you a fan of Good Charlotte? If so, we highly recommend listening to the Generation GC Podcast on Apple, Spotify and Anchor FM. The podcast is even one of Benji Madden’s “current fav podcast” as he said in a tweet, so it’s got to be good!

The Generation GC podcast is about everything Good Charlotte and dives deep into the band’s discography and history, one song at a time, hosted by avid Good Charlotte fan, Molly Hudelson.

So far, the podcast has completed a trailer and four podcasts talking on songs like “Little Things,” “Girls & Boys,” “The Chronicles of Life And Death” and “Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Wanna Be In Love),” with special guests like MAKEOUT’s Tyler Young and recently some industry professionals including Muddy Paw PR’s Angela Mastrogiacomo, Waldman Management’s Scott Waldmann and Black Is The New AP Style’s Gina Catalano with many more special guests to come!

In the podcast’s trailer Hudelson explains that “Generation GC is a podcast about all things in Good Charlotte, exploring the band’s discography one song at a time and sharing plenty of stories, fun facts & trivia, and memories along the way! I dive in to my love of the band, my background in music journalism, and why I decided to start this podcast. I also explain a little bit about how the show is going to work!”

In a YouTube video Hudelson explained that she made the podcast “all about Good Charlotte, who have been [her] favorite band in the world since [she] was 11 years old.” You can watch Hudelson’s YouTube video explaining her choice to start the podcast and how it came about below:

Listeners are raving about the podcast with one fan even saying “I LOVE this show” continuing to boast on the quality of the podcast and Good Charlotte content within it “Even as someone who is arguably just scratching the surface with GC, I can’t help but fall in love with Molly and her guests as they take us through different songs, albums, personal stories, and the moments that inspired them. It’s fun, full of trivia, facts, and anecdotes and I simply can’t get enough. I can’t wait for more episodes!”

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