Falling In Reverse – Just Like You (Album Review)

Falling In Reverse are back with their third full album, Just Like You via Epitaph Records. The four-piece hard rockers debuted their album as a full length stream on their official website and youtube February 17th, 2015. Going back to their roots, FIR make the album sound like their classic post-hardcore beat, but with a refreshing and fun ring to it. Seasoned with heavy chords, rhythmic drumming, and Radke’s fresh vocals, Just Like You is bound to be another hit in the music industry.

Starting off with “Chemical Prisoner”, it immediately creates the nostalgic sound from Radke’s earlier days in Escape The Fate, then transitioning with Falling In Reverse’s own original sound. The song is catchy, switching between slow and fast tempos between the climb and chorus, respectably. Along with, naturally, a great guitar solo graces the song as well. Guitar solos are almost unheard of in this new age rock music, and Falling In Reverse keeps it alive in their music. “Sexy Drug” is clearly the name of a FIR song, and conveys their silly and comedic personalities within this song. The use of play on words conveys that scandalous side of FIR that is well known and well loved by the fans. “Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)” is the fourth installment of “The Guillotine” from Escape the Fate’s 2006 album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. This song holds the key of nostalgia with the heavy thrumming of the bass and sick guitar riffs, along with Radke’s deep screaming vocals. This is a fantastic installment of the four-song story, done very well. Unlike their second album Fashionably Late, this album only has one song with Radke rapping. “Wait and See” holds a metal-techno beat that is executed well and isn’t new, since Radke has been featured rapping on his album before, is a fun twist to this album that is heavy with, well, heavy music. 

Saving the best for last, “Just Like You” is the hilarious way Radke is saying “fuck you” to the people who are against him. “I am aware that I am asshole, I really don’t care about all of that, though,” is the opening lines of this fun, upbeat song which has just as funny music video to match. Radke’s confidence is admired, and his reputation and controversies is well known among the alternative rock crowd. With that, Radke states in this song that he is “Just Like You”, which is a nice reminder that he is human and makes mistakes.

Overall, I’d rate this album 5/5:  Just Like You is another awesome album constructed by the guys in Falling In Reverse. They keep the older metal sound alive and stimulating with their new twists. FIR present themselves with a nostalgic sound, but successfully make it refreshing and new.

Get the album on iTunes: found.ee/FIRJustLikeYouiTunesWEBONLY2

Review By: Erin Marhefka

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