Falling In Reverse – God, If You're Above (Song Review)

Released as Falling In Reverse’s first single for their new album on December 15th, 2014, “God If You Are Above” has a dark twinge to a deep song. It seems that they are reverting back to their roots, with no synth or rapping involved with this single. The vibe holds a nostalgic taste, but also demonstrates their diverse sound. 

The song carries an even and catchy beat throughout the chorus, where Radke questions, “God if you are above, I fear that one day the whole world will disappear.” Despite the sad undertones the tempo of this song is catchy and exciting. Radke’s layering harmonies fit amazingly, and leave chills in their tracks. This song brings us back to FIR’s first album; a nice, nostalgic throwback. The song, like the band, can be seen as controversial as it is questioning God (hence the song title). Before the shredding, classic FIR guitar solo (which, thankfully the band are keeping alive. Classic guitar solos are a rarity in this day and age), Radke questions, “Where were you? Where were you?” which many people have had that reoccurring thought.

4/5: since it’s controversial and has that nice old FIR sound, but something new would have been nice, too. Despite that controversial bit, Falling In Reverse nailed this song, and the rest of their album Just Like You, which is out now.

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