F.E.A.R. – Papa Roach (Album Review)

F.E.A.R. is the 8th album from alternative metal band Papa Roach. It would be fitting that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Infest. Listening to F.E.A.R. felt like going back into a time machine at some points. The whole album as an entity is almost a concept record as each song confronts a fear and as you progress through the album, you overcome them. While the band seeks to further push their alternative rock sound, they revisited themes in their first albums with songs like “Gravity” and “Warriors”. The album starts off with “Face Everything And Rise”, a antithetic, massive record mixed with a little bit of a electronic vibe. It’s almost like a rallying cry from the band and their fans alike. “Devil” slows it down a bit, but still has the driving guitar and percussion mixed with Shaddix’s soaring vocals. “You can try to take my salvation/you can try to take everything, I’m not a slave to your temptation because I know who you are and who the devil is”. Guitarist Jerry Horton and Bass Guitarist Tobin Esperance combine to make the album have that stadium rock feel with a harder edge. Drummer Tony Palermo does great to bring the songs together with his drumming tempo. Singer Jacoby Shaddix sounds as confident as ever, evident in another rock anthem, “Broken As Me”. 

“Fear can sometimes be the best fuel. It pushes us into the unknown, makes us aware, and reminds us we’re alive. Embracing that mindset, Papa Roach transformed the word itself into a mantra for the title of their eighth full-length album, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise)” – Eleven Seven Music

Rating 3.5/5: 15 years is a long time in the music business and through the years, it says a lot when you can consistently listen to a band throughout that time period. A lot of bands that came out in the same time frame as Papa Roach may have faltered or disbanded. F.E.A.R. shows that Papa Roach as a band is not only can stand the trials of time, but overcome their demons & fears while doing it.    


1. Face Everything And Rise

2. Skeletons

3. Broken As Me

4. Falling Apart

5. Love Me Til It Hurts

6. Never Have To Say Goodbye

7. Gravity

8. War Over Me

9. Devil

10. Warriors

F.E.A.R. signifies a new dawn for Papa Roach. Jacoby says, “I hope people walk away believing they can do anything.”  And After listening to this album we believe Papa Roach can do anything, including facing their demons and overcoming their fears. As stated within the song Face Everything & Rise “I will Face Everything & Rise” and we believe they will do beyond that.  

Pre-Order the album Here! The album will be released on January 27th 2015. 

Review By: Murjani Rawls

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