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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche Frontman Vinnie Caruana Performs “Tex ‘The Rock’ Johnson” for Zero Platoon

In the first of three videos to drop on military charity Zero Platoon’s YouTube channel, longtime staple of the pop punk as we know it, Vinnie Caruana––The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Peace’d Out, Constant Elevation––performs an acoustic version of “Tex ‘The Rock’ Johnson” from his latest solo record “Aging Frontman.”

Later this week, Zero Platoon, an organization I founded to work with bands to reach out active-duty military members who deal with mental health issues, will release an extended interview with Caruana covering the two-decade timeline from the beginning of The Movielife through the future of that band and I Am The Avalanche. After that video premieres, an unreleased, unheard song that was written just a couple days before the interview will also be released.

“Tex ‘The Rock’ Johnson” is a love song about finding that solid foundation on those days when you just want to lay in bed or sit in a bar. While explaining the inspiration behind the song, Caruana discusses the importance of having that support to level you out when you “feel mentally sick,” and talks about how valuable it’s been when he has decided “I’m cancelling today.”

Watch the interview and acoustic performance below, and if you want to be the first to catch the next two Vinnie videos, subscribe to Zero Platoon on YouTube and follow the Zero Platoon Facebook.

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