Every Time I Die – Decayin With The Boys (Song Review)

‘Decayin with the Boys’ was one of the singles off of Everytime I Die’s 7th album From Parts Unknown which was released July 1, 2014 

via Epitaph Records.

The song is very intense, fast paced and in your face! Everything metal should be. Having been around since 1998 (I was 7…) and this being their 7th album, Everytime I Die must be doing something right! The track is just badass and a great party song; the music video will leave you going “what did I just watch?” It’s exactly how you picture a house party is like, on steroids! There’s full frontal nudity and a coke snorting sloth. Basically the entirety of it, song and video, are the epitome of kickassness. The fans are LOVING it! They can’t get enough of it, even if the video has them dazed and confused for the next day or so.

Rating 5/5-  This song is badassery in it’s purist form. I mean there’s nudity, pie, jenga, and a sloth, need I say more? It’s everything you wish you could be, you just don’t know it yet. The face Everytime I Die has been around for basically my entire life and I’ve never listened to them before now makes me disappointed in myself! If you’re into awesome, badass fun, this song is for you! If you need a pick me up, this song is for you. Basically if you’re a bipedal homosapien this song is for you. Check it out!

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