Erich Mrak Releases Visual for Two New Tracks

Erich Mrak is a young Toronto-based alternative pop/experimental hip-hop/electronic artist who is constantly making music that is inspired by his atmosphere. When we say constantly, we mean it. Erich has been writing his own music since the age of seven. By writing his own music, he has been able to create a chilly mix of sounds filled with raw emotion. Nobody is telling him what to write and how to feel.

When you watch and listen to his latest video titled See You In September, you’re watching a visual for two of his latest tracks, “Navigate” and “Riptide.”

In order to seeks new heights and embrace new challenges, Erich does have some help of course. Every great musician has at least one or more amazing people on their side. For Erich, he has his in-house producer, Bento, who is also a Toronto native. Thanks to his help, Erich has found his signature sound which is characterized by downtempo beats, melancholy vocals, and spacious melodies.

When it comes to Erich’s sound an lyrical content, it’s laid back but honest. With lyrics like, “My life is sideways / Lost in the pretty lights,” he creates a mental visual of how it feels to be lost in life. To us, his sound is very similar to artists like Post Malone and/or Mac Miller.

If you’re into artists like the ones who listed above, we highly suggest checking out Erich Mrak.

Watch the visual for “See You In September” below:

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