Enter Shikari Radiates The Solidarity of The Nearly Sold Out TLA

Enter Shikari

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Enter Shikari made their stop at The Theatre Of The Living Arts on April 4th, 2015. At 10pm sharp began their very unique and awesome addition to their set introduction countdown beginning with a 10 minutes till showtime while playing dance/electronic music get the crowd amped up. At 10:09pm, The introduction then saying it’s time to stretch and get ready for showtime when the entire crowd following the robotic voices commands before the lights went black and the crowd began going crazy as frontman Roughton “Rou” Reynolds hit the stage with bandmates Liam “Rory” Clewlow on guitar/backing vocals, Chris Batten on bass, & Rob Rolfe on drums to the twisted beats of “The Appeal & the Mindsweep I” off their forth studio album The Mindsweep released via Hopeless Records (USA) /Ambush Reality (UK) on January 19th, 2015 which set the tone for the night with every member of the crowd screaming back Rou’s lyrics. The band’s mix of styles includes metal and electronic giving them unmistakable unique qualities and style within their sound. Pushing forth fury and precision, the band astonish a very large crowd filling The TLA to nearly the capacity. 

Enter Shikari

During their forth song, “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” Rou entered the crowd unto the bar counter tops complete with him guitar and mic stand with direct crowd interaction surrounding him. During this point of the show Rou commanded the crowds attention unto him while he went wild on the bartops interacting with each of the many fans surrounding him making for a very unique fan experience. Then making his way back to the stage for “The Last Garrison”. Charisma just flooding off the stage from each member of Enter Shikari from crowd interaction to their extreme talent on their instrument. These genre-hopping giants put on one incredible set which mixed moshing with dancing along with their unique sound shining brightly as at times you  were at a hardcore show and at other times you felt as though you were jamming at an incredible EDM show. The switching between genres within just an individual song make Enter Shikari stick out from other bands and as Rou stated on stage himself “He doesn’t do this for the money, they perform and create music purely and filled with passion because they love to do it not cause they want to make money from it”. Along with playing great music tonight, you can see the amount of time Enter Shikari put into their set as it was flawless from their sound to the incredible performance all the way down to their visuals on stage from their album cover filling the backdrop to the flashy yet stylish lights making for a great show to watch. Enter Shikari grasping the crowds attention throughout their entire set which is rare to see at show this day and age with technology and most fans watching the show through their phone camera screens, I didn’t see that at this show, the only point the fans had their phones out is when Rou entered the crowd which was exciting and a moment to capture which shows that Enter Shikari commanded the attention and kept it grasped onto them by their mind blowing performance.

Enter Shikari

Ending their set with “Anaesthetist” or what the fans thought was the end of their set as the stage faded to black and the entire band left the stage. The crowd began singing/chanting the ending verses of “Solidarity” instead of the typical “one more song” chants, in which Enter Shikari reentered the stage for not one but three more songs to finish out their 16 song setlist. Beginning with “Solidarity” as the crowd was chanting/singing for which was a very cool addition to the night. The entire band showing their happiness within each of their facial expressions which were filled with big smiles thoughout their set, they were stoked on the crowds response. Overall Enter Shikari put on one intense show filled with flawless passion filled talent, which made this much awaited fan craved night a very big success leaving the fans happy and accomadated along with leaving the band very impressed with the intense amounts of applause they received as they departed the stage. 

Enter Shikari


1. The Appeal & the Mindsweep I

2. Destabilise

3. Radiate 

4. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi

5. The Last Garrison

6. Juggernauts

7. Never Let Go of the Microscope

8. Myopia

9. Torn Apart

10. Interlude

11. The Paddington Frisk

12. Mothership

13. Anaesthetist

14. Solidarity

15. Slipshod

16. Sssnakepit

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