Echosmith – Cool Kids (Song Review)

Originally released in October of 2013, Echosmith’s hit single ‘Cool Kids’ didn’t peak many folks’ attention until recently, and it is everywhere! The premise of the song is simple, the speaker is someone who wants to fit in with the cool kids, and that’s about it. For the majority of people (who aren’t the Cool Kids) it’s a relatable song. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted by the Cook Kids, no matter how old or young you are (cliques don’t end with high school, kiddies). It’s definitely a catchy track. You’ll catch yourself singing along to it in the car, or hum it at your desk and don’t even realize it. If there was a formula for getting songs stuck in people heads (and I’m sure there actually is) Echosmith has got it for sure!

Rating 3.5/5- This rating would be higher, if I didn’t have this song jammed down my ear holes every time I turn the channel on the radio. Taking the over-played factor out of the equation would bump it up to a solid 4. It’s a great song, super relatable and catchy, but since it’s played over and over so much, I can see the novelty wearing off just as fast as it came about. 

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