Villa 40/Sony Music Nashville artist, Drew Green is sharing an inside look at the filming of his latest music video “Right Where I Be.”

Following the release of his debut single “Little More Be Alright,” Green shared “Right Where I Be,” a song that he wrote, built on a propulsive beat with a soaring hook, alongside celebrated producer Mark Trussell and Zach Dyer.

“I’ve had that title for a while,” Drew says of “Right Where I Be.” “I always knew there was something there. It’s about living in the moment, and not taking anything for granted. Once we got the idea out and I sang the chorus, it came together almost immediately.”

A little over a month after the singer dropped the music video for his latest single “Right Where I Be,” Green teamed up with Music Mayhem to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the music video that features Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star, Danielle Maltby. Although, he didn’t know Maltby before the music video, the two made the perfect pairing within the video that was filmed about an “hour west of Nashville in the middle of nowhere… literally.”

The singer says that he took about “12 takes” before the video “was good to go” after a few hours of shooting and that the video was inspired by the lyrics.

“The lyrics in the song: “Toes dipping in the river on my tailgate” “water rising up them jeans” “middle of nowhere little map dot” which is where we were,” Green explained on the music video’s inspiration.

You can watch the behind the scenes below.

Drew, a hit songwriter who penned FGL’s song, “Colorado,” signed his recording deal with Villa 40/Sony Music Nashville on June 9, and his two debut singles, “Little More Be Alright” and “Right Where I Be” have already amassed over 3 million on-demand streams.

“Right Where I Be” follows Drew’s introductory single, “Little More Be Alright,” which arrived on June 26 and has already amassed over a million on-demand streams.

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