Drake Unveils Surprise Compilation Of 17 Tracks Titled ‘Care Package’

Drake released two tracks earlier this year to celebrate the victory of the Toronto Raptors and has now decided to release a new compilation of 17 tracked titled “Care Package” that brings together many of his top singles all in one place for fans which include “Can I”, “The Motion”, “4pm in Calabasas”, and “Dreams Can Buy Money” to only name a few.

While none of the tracks featured in the compilation are new material many tracks are rare and date back decades into Drake’s career. Many of the songs were only available via Soundcloud or via YouTube where users had them posted, but they were very difficult for fans to locate and access. Fans are now overjoyed to have all of these tracks together in one place. Thanks, Drake!!

Drake took advantage of the anniversary of his Scorpion album to make it easier for his fans, by gathering “some of their most important moments on a disc”. “Care Package” brings together some amazing music from Drake’s extensive catalog and introduces his new fan base to many tracks they may not have previously heard. The project also inflates the streams of Drake, who is the 12th most listened to artist in the world on Spotify. Last year, a report for Spotify’s 10th anniversary showed that the rapper was also the most listened to artist of all time since the platform’s creation.

Fans are loving the “Care Package” compilation as a nice appetizer until work is completed on Drake’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, which we hope will be coming soon!

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