DONT STOP BELIEVING Journey & The Steve Miller Band put on a breathtaking performance!

DONT STOP BELIEVING Journey & The Steve Miller Band put on a breathtaking performance!On June 22nd 2014: Journey, Steve Miller Band & Tower of Power brought their very bright jammin tour into Camden NJ at The Susquehanna Bank Center for an awesome night of great music. The night began with a very brassy jammin set from Tower of Power, who had an 8 song setlist beginning with “We Came to Play” & ending with “What is Hip?“. The brass players & guitarists entered the stage first with their instrumental for the grand entrance of Ray Greene whom is the vocalist of Tower of Power who brought a very great soulful performance with a lot of brass instruments & unique vocals! Next up the legendary, Steve Miller Band.

Tower of Power Setlist

1. We Came To Play

2. You Ought to Be Havin’ Fun

3. Only So Much Oil in the Ground

4. Don’t Change Horses (In The Middle of a Stream)

5. Soul Vaccination

6. This Time It’s Real

7. So Very Hard To Go

8. What is Hip?

The brighty lit up very colorful winged Pegasus curtain dropped as The Steve Miller band entered the stage with one of their hit songs “Jungle Love” as the crowd went crazy to see the sharply dressed Steve miller with his white top hat & suit jacket along with huge balloons that fell from the ceiling of the amphitheater. The stage was set up with 2 colorful Pegasus’ jumping towards each other for their backdrop, & a rockin 18 song setlist (listed under this paragraph) as the crowd clapped in excitement for their next song “Take The Money & Run” as their stage was lit up with a VERY colorful lighting. Pianist then had a small solo which he ABSOULUTELY blew the crowds mind with! Steve Miller then greeted the crowd with a “Hello Camden, NJ! it’s nice to be back here’s a little magic for ya” to introduce one of their hit songs “Abracadabra“! Which in the middle of the song Steve Miller had a solo guitar session along with a very awesome harmonica solo!  They ended their amazing set with one of their most iconic hits “Fly like an Eagle” as the backdrop lit up like a starry night sky. Steve millers set was great and had a very psychedelic feel to it, where some moments you felt like you were in space due to the frequent backdrop changes. Steve Miller band put on a great show and hasn’t lost his vocals or guitar playing skills and puts in a damn good show for 70 years old, WOW he blew everyones mind & definitley has not lost his musical talent! Next up the most anticipated band of the night, Journey!

Steve Miller Band Setlist

1. Jungle Love

2. Take the Money and Run

3. Abracadabra

4. Living in the U.S.A.

5. Space Cowboy

6. The Stake

7. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Jessie Hill cover)

8. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

9. Dance Dance Dance

10. Wild Mountain Honey

11. Gangster of Love

12. True Fine Love

13. The Joker

14. Swingtown

15. Rock’n Me

16. Jet Airliner

17. Space Intro

18. Fly Like an Eagle

Journey then entered the stage to the bright flashes of their LED lights & large projection screens & the instrumental to “Be Good To Yourself” before their current lead vocalist Arnel Pineda hit the stage and began pouring out vocals coming straight from his heart out. The crowd now overstuffing the venue, screaming in happiness of the most anticipated band of the night, Journey! A great addition to their 19 song setlist which included everything from new music to their classic hits, was their guitarist (Neal Schon) guitar solo to the “Star-Spangled Banner”. Their 7th song was “Mother, Father” which was sung by their drummer (Deen Castronovo), which was another great addition to their set as Deens vocals are very unique & it allows their lead vocalist Arnel to have a brief break Before getting back out on the stage and wrecking it to one of their newer songs “She’s a Mystery“, which was a bit heavier from the usual Journey but the crowd enjoyed it, with multiple guitar solos throughout the entire song from each guitarist & Arnel’s very awesome unique vocals! Jonathan Cain then gave the crowd an amazing keyboard solo featuring multiple keyboard instrumentals of some of Journeys biggest hits before entering into their song “Open Arms“, where the crowd lit up the entire room with their iPhone flashes & lighters. During this part of their set I believe the crowd was singing louder then the band. This show was definitely original from other shows I have been to as it was so awesome to see the entire crowd singing every word to every song & not just 1-2 songs that they may have known! Throughout the night I just couldn’t stop watching their lead guitarist Neal Schon as his guitar talent is nothing short of incredible doing solos throughout the entire night along with Ross Valory who gave many of crazy faces throughout the night to fans and photographers. They ended their very amazing set with a lot if fan favorites and classic Journey hits including “Wheel In The Sky“, “Faithfully” & “Don’t Stop Believing” which during “Don’t Stop Believing” a burst of white confetti filled the amphitheater covering the fans in white! They then exited the stage and the fans chanted & demanded ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG, Where they then reentered the stage to finish the night out with another hit song of theirs “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin‘” which the crowd got even more interactive by swinging and waving their arms in the air as they knew this was their last chance of the night to sing their hearts out with Journey, not one person sitting or standing still the entire venue erupted into the joy of such an amazing show put on by Journey. Arnel then jumped from the stage to greet the front row of audience thanking everyone for coming. As the stage faded from The very bright colorful lights and went dark the crowd roared with applause & filled with amphitheater with screams showing Journey that they didn’t let us down and put on a Great show as usual! Before exiting the stage they introduced each band member by saying their name & part in the band along with a solo performance from each member. 

Journey Setlist

1.Be Good to Yourself

2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

3. Any Way You Want It

4. Only the Young

5. The Star-Spangled Banner (Neal Schon guitar solo)

6. Stone in Love

7. Mother, Father

8. She’s a Mystery

9. Lights

10. Piano Solo

11. Open Arms

12. Escape

13. Ritual

14. Anytime

15. Guitar Solo

16. Wheel in the Sky

17. Faithfully

18. Don’t Stop Believin’

19. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

If this tour makes it’s stop near you, GO SEE IT! It worth every dollar spent on the ticket! Trust me Journey, Steve Miller Band & The Tower of Power will not let you down!

Our photographer Andrew Wendowski Photography was there and got some incredible images for you to view!

Tower of Power: 

Steve Miller Band:

Journey: Coming Soon!!

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