Don Broco Fascinates with New Album, ‘Technology’ (Album Review)

Don Broco is a British rock band formed in 2008. The band has previously supported bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, 5 Seconds of Summer, and You Me at Six prior to playing their first (and biggest) sold out…

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Don Broco is a British rock band formed in 2008. The band has previously supported bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, 5 Seconds of Summer, and You Me at Six prior to playing their first (and biggest) sold out show in London on November 2017. The band made an outstanding addition to Sharptone Records when they were signed back in 2016. Technology (via Sharptone) was released on February 2nd, 2018. It is the band’s third studio album, which features singles such as Pretty“, “Technology“, “Stay Ignorant“, “T-Shirt Song” and “Come Out to LA“. Although risky, Don Broco blends various sounds and takes listeners on a mesmerizing adventure. The band’s confidence, ambition, and vivaciousness shines bright throughout Technology.

The band’s unique and captivating sound can best be described as a blend of alternative, post-hardcore, and pop-rock with some hints of disco. The fusion of rock, upbeat tempos, electronic melodies, smooth like butter vocals, catchy melodies, and heavy breakdowns provide an energetic and bold mood. “Technology” starts off strong with a powerful and heavy guitar riff alongside lead singer, Rob Damiani’s charismatic vocals. The dance worthy beats alongside some sarcastic lyrical content makes for a humorous yet impressive song. “Stay Ignorant” is another song that proves the success of Don Broco’s seamless integration of genres. The initial maraca-like percussion instruments, hip bass lines, electronic beats, and eventual rock vibes and will be sure to grab attention. “T-Shirt Song” doesn’t stall for a second and gets right to it. Being a deeply personal and dark song, the instrumentals are quite frankly anything but that. The guitar riffs are backed up with simple piano melodies, catchy rhythms, emphasizing Rob’s range of vocals. “Come Out to LA” is the most mesmerizing yet. Despite the repetitive lyrics, the song is relatable and leaves listeners humming it all day. The happy go lucky vibe and “keep the faith” lyrics are relatable to any situation really and is the pep talk fans need. “Pretty” slightly differs than the rest with its simplicity of layers; featuring electronic synths, heavy chorus riffs, and almost rap-like verses paired with breathy and dreamy vocals. “Tightrope” is another favorite off the record. The song is little more fast paced which may potentially disguise the emotional lyrics and dark message behind the song. The singer counteracts that with his soft breathy vocals and swift catchy electronic tunes. The song isn’t the only on the record that features serious messages, “Porkies” takes an aggressive approach with its heavy baselines, vocal lows, alongside some very dark lyrics. “Something to Drink” is probably the simplest song on the record as compared to the rest of the ambitious songs. It lacks the samples and layers as in the other songs with its simple bass lines, acoustic guitars, and repetitive lyrics but doesn’t fail to disclose the raw emotion in Rob’s voice. Perhaps the song is slower than the rest to prepare as well as remind fans of Broco’s signature synth beats, rock and roll riffs, and pop vocals throughout “Blood in the Water”.

Overall, Technology is fun, it’s different, and weird in the best way possible. All sixteen tracks are live performance ready and give off a touch of 80’s disco vibes. Don Broco successfully intertwine various genres. Despite the happy tunes, smidgen of humor, and witty lyrics, the messages are rich in meaning, relatable and engaging. Although it is a sixteen track album, the songs don’t fail to entertain. The album starts off with a bang and a few songs are slower with minimal layers but there is not one song that is dull or boring on the album which proves to be Don Bronco’s finest and most creative work to date.

Listen to: Technology, Stay Ignorant, Come out to LA, and Tightrope.
Music Mayhem Rating: 5 out of 5.


Check out the amazing  music video for “Come out to LA” below:

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