DNCE Makes The Crowd Go F**cking Crazy at SOLD OUT show in Philadelphia

Your New Favorite Band, DNCE exploded the SOLD OUT Coda Nightclub filling the venue beyond capacity with fans of all ages and genders decked out in their homemade DNCE attire equipped with cardboard cutouts of celebrities & artists including one…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on November 18, 2015

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DNCE - Philadelphia, PA - Coda Philadelphia

Your New Favorite Band, DNCE exploded the SOLD OUT Coda Nightclub filling the venue beyond capacity with fans of all ages and genders decked out in their homemade DNCE attire equipped with cardboard cutouts of celebrities & artists including one of Joe Jonas himself, which they made jokes with later in their set. The tour perfectly titled GREATEST TOUR EVER TOUR, as this is a tour you do not want to miss. The stage was setup just like the cover of their Debut EP, SWAAY which was released on October 23rd, 2015 via Republic Records and debuted at #79 on Billboard Hot 100. Along with the stage having the D,N,C,E Lettered Balloons filling their backdrop was also the cardboard cutouts of different celebrities/artists (One Direction, Allen from The Hangover, Lady Gaga, Darth Vader to name a few) watching their set from behind for a unique look. The band’s 10-song, 50-minute set which was the 10th stop on the 14-date Great Tour Ever Tour before the band joins the holiday multi-act Jingle Ball Radio concerts.

Bursting onto the stage to their hit song titled as the name of the band, “DNCE.” The band consisting of Jack Lawless on Drums, JinJoo Lee on Guitar, Cole Whittle on Bass/Keyboards, & of Course frontman Joe Jonas. The crowd energy levels so high with an intense amount of excitement to see DNCE which they have much awaited for as this show sold out almost immediately, matter of fact the entire tour sold out almost immediately after being announced which is only the beginning to the success DNCE is going to have. DNCE has that furiously fresh, funky, R&B, pop vibe which is what Jonas hoped for when creating this band. DNCE are a very entertaining group to see live and watch as they all put on their own unique show from Joe Jonas touching the fans along the front row, singing to them or grabbing a fans phone to film the show from stage to Cole Whittle who is an incredibly talented performer; not even one moment of the set was he not moving from singing to smiling and jammin’ each song, JinJoo rocking out on guitar swinging her hair around and rocking out to their drummer Jack Lawless jammin’ on the drums keeping the entire band on tempo. 

Barely taking a break from their 1st song “DNCE”, going right into “Pay My Rent” which is a solid undeniable disco/dance infectious song. Going right into the new “Naked,” which was mashed up with a cover that the crowd seemed to enjoy very much, “Roxanne” as Cole crowd surfed and JinJoo dropped to her knees for a shredding guitar solo. All of the bands appearances from JinJoo’s fur attire to Joe’s Diesel attire to Cole’s Shall-like Money attire fits perfectly with their R&B pop sound. The crowd then being lead by Joe Jonas to serenade JinJoo by singing Happy Birthday her as she teared up a bit and thanked the crowd. Another great song played was “Body Move,” which was followed by a cover of Prince’s song “Kiss” then going into James Brown’s “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine.” Slowing down the set a bit with “Jinx” which was surely a huge hit and soulful performance.  A few more fun cover songs peformed were TLC’s “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs” which was beyond belief incredible.  Closing out their venue shaking set was their infectious anthem hit song which is soon to be a radio sensation for sure is “Cake By The Ocean” as a confetti shower fluttered down upon the sold out crowd. Exiting to stage to Queen’s “We Are The Champions” putting on a quite humorous exit.

Overall, DNCE played a funky R&B, pop music filled night with a major party vibe addition to their sound. The entire audience not taking a breather to stop singing along or stop moving jammin’ & dancing along to their music. DNCE is something of a supergroup: in addition to Joe Jonas, they have Semi Precious Weapons bassist Cole Whittle, former Jonas Brothers drummer Jack Lawless, and guitarist JinJoo Lee, who has toured with everybody from Jordin Sparks to Cee Lo Green to Charli XCX as mentioned. DNCE is surely to soon be conquering all of your favorite radio stations along with announcing tours on more deserving larger stages if not arenas as their show is one to see and their sound is beyond extraordinary. All evening the fans fed off the intense amount of energy that DNCE put into their set all night which literally had the venues floors shaking and everyone bouncing even if they weren’t doing it themselves. It is pretty clear and obvious that DNCE will soon be at the tops of all Billboard charts, selling out arena tours and filling your local radio stations with their amazing music. Their groovy debut in Philadelphia was breathtaking, amazing, infectious to say the very least. 

You definitely need to pickup a copy of the “SWAAY” on iTunes now and check out all of DNCE’s upcoming tour dates!

Check out “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE live in Philadelphia below filmed by a fan.

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Video Courtesy of YOUTUBE from a fan in attendance…

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