Disturbed and NonPoint teamed up for a brief but crazy month long tour run that was 100% sold out. This included a SOLD OUT show in Philadelphia at the TLA which filled beyond capacity with die hard Disturbed fans shaking the venue with excitement in anticipation for the bands performance. There’s actually been a lot of anticipation for Disturbed‘s return, and the band and their fans are starting to see some of the results. Following news that the band released their first album in five years this past August 2015, Disturbed played their first show in Philadelphia in nearly four years as they took over the TLA in Philadelphia on April 2nd, 2016. On June 23, 2015, Disturbed officially announced the end of their hiatus via Facebook when they released their newest hit single Vengeful One and announced their latest album, Immortalized; Which immediately became a chart topping success and a great return for Disturbed. NonPoint started the night off sharply at 8pm, they were the only support act on the tour. NonPoint being known for their aggressiveness on stage during their live performances and the fans just eat it up and go crazy. A perfect way to start off the night for when Disturbed make their debut to the stage around 9:15pm. The band hit the stage with a power that couldn’t be stopped; one song rolled into the next. They took a short pause to thank everyone for their continued support. Rolling through their set rather quickly but with quality music and causing the crowd to erupt into a sea of energized fans stoked to see Disturbed next. Nonpoint was absolutely flawless with their entire set with a heavy handed doses of throbbing bass and head banging rhythm. Frontman Elias Soriano’s intensity brought an energy to the stage that electrified the sea of fans and compelled the crowd to stay off their feet throughout not only their set but the entire night! This undeniable connection to the crowd, paid in sweat, was made clear by a roaring reception to each of the songs in the set.The atmosphere was electric as the TLA awaited the welcome return of one of their most anticipated bands this year to see. Primed and ready for a night of hard rock, the sold out venue was packed to the rafters well before NonPoint even took to the stage. As the music for the intro for “Ten Thousand Fists” began, the crowd erupted into a deafening roar with clenched fists raised in the air. “The Game” was the second song in the set, with “The Vengeful One” from the newest album, Immortalized, stormed across the venue next. Disturbed taking the with a fierce powerful attitude giving the crowd exactly what they wanted a show filled with a nice variety of all of their hits, Even slowing the show down midway and covering an emotional Simon & Garfunkel song “The Sounds Of Silence” which has been a huge hit throughout the internet for Disturbed and one of the best covers anyone has ever done of the song even receiving recognition from Paul Simone himself on it. Disturbed had the Sold Out TLA off their feet throughout the entire night with their explosive almost 2 hour long set leaving the fans craving more for their next appearance in Philadelphia at the 933 WMMRBQ this May! Overall, This was an incredible show. Disturbed is literally, touring their asses off from here to whenever, with a much-anticipated tour coming with Breaking Benjamin, St. Asonia, and Alterbridge, while still performing shows in between dates on that run and a tour in May with Rob Zombie. Get tickets & look at tour dates on: www.disturbed1.comSetlist1. Ten Thousand Fists2. The Game3. The Vengeful One4. Prayer5. Liberate6. Land of Confusion (Genesis Cover)7. Meaning Of Life8. Stupify9. Darkness10. The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)11. Inside The Fire12. Stricken13. The Light14. Closer/I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/Baba O’Riley/Killing In The Name15. IndestructibleEncore16. Voices 17. Down With The Sickness 

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