Dirty Honey Talk Music, Touring And More At Louder Than Life Festival

It is easy to see how Dirty Honey has earned a top spot on the rock radio charts, as they are truly one of those bands that feel like the piece to what has been missing in the music industry these days. After checking out their self-titled EP, we could hardly contain our excitement to check out Dirty Honey’s live performance at Louder Than Life Festival and they do not disappoint. Their set was both vivacious and raw combined with a down and dirty rock n’ roll attitude the oozes off the stage.

This is pretty incredible coming from an independent band and they are showing no signs of slowing down as we move into the next few years, as we definitely predict that Dirty Honey is sure to dominate. We had a chance to sit down and talk with Dirty Honey while out at Louder Than Life and they couldn’t have been more excited to share details about the current singles “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7’s”, touring and more.

When speaking about the recording process for the album the band tells us that “it was recorded in Australia and that was an amazing experience in, itself.” The band went on to say that the album was produced by Nick Didia who has worked with greats such as Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine to only name a few. They added, “We had a great workflow and communication with him [Didia] and he let us be us! Believe it or not, the drum and bass were cut in only one take, he would not let us do anymore! That is why our album has kind of a live feel”.

As for 2020, the band would love to “do a headlining tour” and joke that they would like to “open for Aerosmith, or get so big that they miss the opening spot for Aerosmith and just go straight to the headlining run” as they say with a laugh! “That would be a dream come true!”

You can watch our full video interview below (please forgive the background noise levels!)

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