Dierks Bentley; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for iHeartRadio
Dierks Bentley; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Dierks Bentley Wrote A Song Called “What A Year” And It’s Inspired By 2020

Dierks Bentley got a bit inspired by 2020 during the quarantine, so much so that he wrote a song called “What A Year.”

In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, the country superstar revealed that he wrote “What A Year” about “the times we’re going through.”

Bentley said: “So just been writing songs, and some of the songs are about the times we’re going through. I wrote a song the other day called ‘What A Year,’ which kind of speaks for itself.”

The superstar also revealed that he is working on new music but not all of the tunes are just focused on the crazy times we live in. He says he is writing music that “makes them want to jam along in the car.”

“But also just trying to write songs that don’t directly talk about what we’re dealing with right now,” Bentley explained. “Cause it feels [like] people are trying to get out a little bit right now, and enjoy this time before the winter comes. And I want to do something that kind of feels like it makes them want to jam along in the car and maybe do what country music does so well, which has help us come sometimes forget what’s going on around us, outside that car.”

He did say that he doesn’t want to rush and put out an entire album right now however but as he says “for the first time” in his career, he is thinking about “singles.”

“Just because we’re in a weird time right now, I don’t want to rush something out there just because we have to. I mean, I gotta be honest, I’m not feeling super inspired about making a full album right now,” the superstar continued to explain. “That’s why for the first time my career, I’m just thinking about singles. Just put out songs that feel great, or have something to say and not try to create a whole project at this point because … I think it’s okay too, I think it’s okay just to take the moment to breathe and it’s a little bit longer of a breath than we all want to take, but if you don’t have something really important to say right now, then I just don’t want to muddy up some of the other projects that I’ve put out there when I did have something to say.”

So stay tuned for some new Dierks Bentley tunes in the future!

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