Devil – Ronnie Radke (Song Review)

Ronnie Radke Devil Song Review 2014“Devil” is the fourth single off of Falling in Reverse front man Ronnie Radke’s upcoming rap mixtape Watch Me, which is due for release some time this year by Radke himself, no label, and features collaborations with Andy Biersack, Craig Mabbitt, Jacoby Shaddix, and more. The song sounds similar to if Hollywood Undead and MGK had a musical, heavily eye-linered baby; it’s a unique sound and not exactly what everyone thinks of when they hear the word ‘rap’. The beat is good, and lyrically fairly easy to understand and follow; by the third or fourth listen I had most of the lyrics down (getting the lyrics to any rap song make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Still working on Eminem’s Rap God though). “Devil” is a song you have to listen to a few times to really get it, and it does grow on you a little bit. However the reception from most fans have been less than warm and welcoming as Radke takes on this endeavor. There’s general speak of bleeding ears and vomiting, mostly within the first 30 seconds so it seems. Whatever ailment these folks are suffering from I seem to be immune. Then there are fans who love it and think it’s damn skippy, and there’s the even lesser demographic that are on the fence, where they want to like it but they have no idea how they feel. For a free download of Watch Me visit and you can also listen to “Devil” as well as his other singles on YouTube.

Rating: 3.5/5- I still have no idea how I feel about this song and I’m on the 7th listen. It isn’t bad, and I’m sure the people talking a mess wouldn’t be able to pull off what Ronnie has with this mixtape. It’s just…not what we’re used to, and I think it’s jaded a lot of people. Most of us are used to Ronnie is ETF & FIR, so him making a complete 180 and making a mixtape is strange, and not what we expected. However, huge props for him doing what he wants and basically not giving a damn about reception, like he ever really has. I was expecting worse based on comments, and I’m still on the fence. I suggest you give it a listen for yourself!

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