Fast-rising rock’n roll sensation, Des Rocs is paving a new wave for rock’n roll with his latest EP, Let The Vultures In, and his newest single “SLO.” He is so much more than just music though, he is a NYC based rocker that is a rock’n roll revolution filled with high-energy that is put forth in his live shows in an unbelievable amount. We sat down to discuss his inspirations and more so about his time supporting one of the biggest, most iconic rock stars in the world, The Rolling Stones. Read our interview with him below.

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What went through your mind when you were told that you would be opening up for The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia?

We heard rumors that we might get it for months leading up to the actual offer, so it’s something I tried not to think about much but unfortunately ended up dwelling on all the time. It was like this secret that I was keeping to myself. When we finally got the offer it was this massive flood of euphoria that lasted about 60 seconds, and then I immediately thought, time to get to work. 

When you stepped into The Lincoln Financial Field, Home of the Philadelphia Eagles to a dressing room that you explained to be bigger than your apartment what thoughts were running through your mind before taking to one of the biggest stages and opening for one of rock’s most iconic rock bands?

I was so caught up in making sure that all of our gear worked. We’re still a pretty DIY crew so I was intensely focused on just wanting everything to work up there on the stage. 

Most memorable 3 moments from your performance opening for The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia?

The entire stage turning into an ice skating rink from the rain soaking the stage right before I went on, knowing that my friends and family were there, having a moment during the show where me and the guys all just looked at each other and started laughing.

After performing your 45-minute support set in Philadelphia, how did it feel to perform to a sold out stadium of 60,000+ people and would you do it again?

It felt amazing and hell YES i’d do it again.

Where do you get all of the energy that you put forth in your live shows and would you say that your music is driven by the live shows as it seems that you music is perfect for a live energetic concert?

It’s pretty much just everything in my life pouring out at once. A lot of hardship, struggle and drive that was repressed for way too long. I’m just fully out of my mind when I perform and everything flows out, I give it all.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself to introduce yourself and your music to our viewers?

I’m des rocs, i’m from New York City, I make rock’n roll music for ya, and i’m not f-ckin’ around.

If you had to introduce your music to new fans and from any of the songs you have released or are soon to release what song would be the one song you says showcases Des Rocs the most and why?

“Let Me Live / Let Me Die” because it’s a god damn rattle snake of a record.

What would you say is a moment of mayhem from your career (good or bad)?

Probably the entire stage becoming as slippery as ice playing with the Stones. 

Who are your biggest inspirations musically, lyrically and live show influences?

My biggest inspirations are Elvis, The Talking Heads, Queen, Roy Orbison and Led Zeppelin.

Was there every a question that you wish a person would ask you that you have not yet been asked that you want your fans to know about? If so, what would it be and how would you answer it?

Not really, I get a lot a great questions. If there’s something I wanna share I just say it.

What is coming up for Des Rocs in the near future and where can fans find you online and socials?

Lots of tours, lots of new music, a rock’n roll revolution, hit me @iamdesrocs.

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