Delyn Grey Releases Music Video for “BATTLE”

Delyn Grey is an alternative rock artist from Toronto who is looking to change the mainstream music trends and break some barriers. Despite the fact that more than 300 million people around the world suffer from depression and over 450 million people will suffer from mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, there are still huge amounts of stigma surrounding different types of mental health. Due to this, it is often unusual for music to have lyrical content that expresses any of the topics we just mentioned. A lot of the time, people would even get called “emo,” just for being real through their music and talking about things that others would refuse to discuss, or were simply afraid to discuss.

Now in 2020, people are more open about mental health and people are feeling less and less alone as the stigma surrounding mental disorders is slowly getting better, compared to before.

At 20 years old, her newest single and music video for “BATTLE” is completely unafraid, bold even, in its exploration of what depression feels like for someone in the throes of it. This kind of honest vulnerability can be refreshing, revelatory even.

When Delyn turned 17, she fell into a heavy depression. “I chose to take advantage of it, and what was trying to break me,” says Delyn. “BATTLE,” along with some of her other tracks, is the product of her resistance, acceptance, and fight during that time. Influenced by artists like Nirvana and Amy Winehouse, she learned to vocalize her frustration, fear, and anger. Music is what eventually got her through it all. That’s why she hopes that the song “BATTLE” will find people that need it, just like it found her.

I want to make music that’s fearless. I don’t want people to hear it and think I play it safe. I want people to listen to it and go, “That was heavy. Didn’t think it would hit me like that.” The cool thing is that I’ve had 12-year-old kids and 55-year-old classic rock fans tell me they love it. I think any kind of music fan can find something in my music because it’s truthful,” Delyn shares. “I put everything I have into it, man. It’s the real stuff.”

Watch her music video for “BATTLE” below:

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