Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Kelsea Ballerini and Gwen Stefani in DanielXDiamond; Photos Provided

DanielXDiamond Puts The Glitz And Glam Into Country Music With Custom Rhinestone Attire

Fashion is similar to a revolving door, trends constantly go in and out of style. However, certain pieces such as fringe, diamonds, denim, and timeless cowboy hats remain a staple in the fast-fashion industry.

It was when Daniel Musto and Lani Lupton stepped under the beaming desert sun dressed to the nines in matching western-inspired ensembles ­– when they realized the secret to success was within the seams of their head-turning designs.

“Daniel and I go to Stagecoach every year, and we coordinate outfits together,” shared Lupton in an exclusive Music Mayhem interview about their experience at the iconic music festival. “Then, in 2019, we decided to design a whole denim rhinestone fringe outfit. We have never been stopped more in both of our lives by everyone. So, we both looked at each other, and we’re like, ‘should we make these?’”

Following the honky-tonk affair in Indio, California – the fashion forecasters quickly noticed the high demand for stage wear, leaving them with a brilliant business idea to bring the star-ready garments to the streets.

“We were reflecting on the weekend, and we were like, ‘so you go to a Katy Perry concert and everyone’s wearing cupcakes. You go to a Lady Gaga concert, and everyone’s wearing a blonde wig with big shoulders, and you go to a Carrie Underwood concert, and everybody’s wearing a wife beater and jean shorts,’” explained seasoned fashion stylist, Daniel Musto.

After bouncing the concept off of one another, Musto and Lupton brought their vision to life. Together they launched DanielXDiamond – an attention-grabbing line that “believes stage wear shouldn’t be restricted to stages, and rhinestones shouldn’t be restricted to musicians.”

The dynamic duo is now the fierce force behind Nashville’s hottest fashion brand known for immaculate custom-made designs. With sustainability as a main priority, the two began sourcing vintage Levi trucker jackets and tirelessly turned them into modernized must-haves.

“We’re super into the glam of the past that still looks appropriate now,” revealed Musto to Music Mayhem reporter Tiffany Goldstein full of excitement. “No one ever walks by and sees us wearing vintage and thinks it is from the past…they think it’s a quality remake of something that’s modernized. We either take it in a little bit or embellish it to make it more special,” he adds.

While carefully incorporating industrial-grade materials into each show-stopping piece, their sales began to skyrocket, and the unstoppable creative team sold more than 150 personalized jackets in one summer. As the two maintained the positive momentum, Musto had the sudden urge to dress Gwen Stefani.

“I started dressing Paula Abdul for American Idol when I was 20. I worked with many different actors, actresses, musicians, TV personalities over the years. So, we had access to people, and I think it really clicked one day. I had this ‘aha moment,’ and I called Lani, and I’m like, ‘I think Gwen needs a jacket. She’s with Blake now, and she’s country, she’s pop…she’s sort of us!” the genius behind the striking creations mentioned.

Luckily, the Grammys were right around the corner, and Musto immediately dialed up Stefani’s makeup artist to pitch the glamorous design. Once Musto painted the picture, the artist was instantly on board and placed on a tight timeline. “He saw it and saw the quality and was like, ‘if you could have it done in 48 hours, I’ll bring it to the Grammy’s when I do her makeup,’” shared Daniel about the career-altering conversation.

Once the state-of-the-art designer hung up the phone, he kicked into action with Lupton to create a breathtaking get-up for the genre-crossover artist that embodies his dazzling designs. “It felt crazy because we were so new, and we didn’t know how to do things quickly,” revealed the talented seamstress working under pressure. “It definitely taught us how to do things in a weekend, and we made it happen. She’s the perfect face for us because she’s such a blend of all of it, and some people don’t realize that there is such a California country cowboy, and she has root in that world too.”

When the “Luxurious” singer posted the fringe denim jacket on Instagram with her husband’s name sprawled across the back, several A-listers came knocking on DanielXDiamond’s door. Carrie Underwood, Joelle Fletcher, Brittany Aldean, Mickey Guyton, Diplo, Katelyn Brown, Carly Pearce, and Miranda Lambert are just some notable names that have been seen sporting The Nashville Collection. In fact, country music legend Shania Twain rocked their bedazzled black and gold cowgirl hat in the official music video for “Legends Never Die.”

Since the grand debut of the blinding statement piece, several women in country music have been dying to get their hands on the original DanielXDiamond “Shania Hat.” The multi-platinum artist passed down the eye-catching hat to Kelsea Ballerini to wear on the Remember This Tour with the Jonas Brothers.

“I made a promise to Shania and her stylist that we wouldn’t loan it out for any more music videos, because I felt like it had its iconic music video moment,” revealed Musto. “But, they agreed if there’s a stage show or a photo shoot, it can be lent out. So, when we did the hat fitting with Kelsea – I had that one with me just to see what size she was. She actually fit that size perfectly.”

Kelsea Ballerini; Photo Courtesy of Dana Farley
Kelsea Ballerini; Photo Courtesy of Dana Farley

Therefore, he placed the fully rhinestoned accessory on her head like a crown and gave her the green light to make waves with the legendary hat out on tour. Following the success of his stage-ready hat, he decided to elevate the look and play with the colors. “We are coming out with some new variations of it that take on a new name, but we have to wait until someone else makes it famous first. It’s multicolor, but it’s a little lighter weight.”

While the dream team designs the fresh collection, consumers can expect other attention-grabbing products that are affordable and adorable. For instance, glamorous music-goers can snag a reusable red solo cup covered with stones or even vintage button-downs with Swarovski crystals. As shopaholics wait patiently for the new collection to drop, they can browse a wide selection on their user-friendly website.

More recently, the sought after brand created several notable pieces of wardrobe for Carrie Underwood’s Las Vegas Residency, which included a hand-painted denim jacket complete with thousands of mood ring rhinestones, which you can read about HERE.

Carrie Underwood; Photos by @kiracapri919 & Jeff Johnson
Carrie Underwood; Photos by @kiracapri919 & Jeff Johnson

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