Dangerkids to rise to the top with extraordinary new album, Blacklist_ (Album Review)

Since their formation in 2012, and the release of their debut album, Collapse in 2013. Dayton, OH rock band Dangerkids have been one of the most influential bands rapidly on the rise, rising to the top of their genre and definitley one of the most anticipated bands in their scene right now. Their beautiful blend of rock mixed with post-hardcore and rap has made them unique to the other bands in the genre and their attention to detail within their explosive live performances which allows them to grasp the attention of all potential fans, which has made them a band to watch and a must see. Dangerkids new album, Blacklist_’s sound can be describe and compared to the perfect blend and of old school Linkin Park with the rap/rock electronica vibe, mixed with A Day To Remember’s head banging vigorous rock sound, also including their guitar shredding, pulsating drums, and flawless screams all of which define their distinctive sound. The lyrics on this album are very uplifting and inspiring which could easily allow this album to become the soundtrack to many fans lives.

“Blacklist_” is a relatable but very impactful title track filled with meaning that could very well be the anthem to many fans relationships (professionally or love life). “failure is not an option” for Dangerkids as they mention in their song titled “Inside Out” which happens to be a track that really showcases their sound. “Inside Out” also showcases the talent that SJC Drummer, Katie Cole has behind the kit. Another notable song would be, “Invincible Summer,” it is a song that really allows the true talent of the members to shine this time for frontmen, Andy Bane and Tyler Smyth on vocals. Not to mention “Invincible Summer” has a slight similarity to Papa Roach’s “Leader Of The Broken Hearts” which almost guarantee’s this song to be a chart topping radio played hit. Other notable tracks on this album would include the power-ballad “Nothing Worth Saving,” “Crawl Your Way Out,” “Glass On Water” and the powerful “Kill Everything.” Heavier tracks on the album include “Ghost In The Walls,” “Summoner’s Rift” which really allows bassist Jake Bonham as well as lead guitar riffs to shine and last but definitley not least one of the this albums first single’s which was the energy driven track “Things Could Be Different.”

Dangerkids are currently out supporting Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, and ISSUES on The End Is Here Tour as well as  releasing their second studio album, Blacklist_ on January 27th, 2017. Which you can guarantee to be heard conquering rock radio stations near you very soon! 2017 is definitely going to be Dangerkids year with the success this album is going to bring them. Make sure you get out to one of the shows on the tour and see some of their new music live! Tickets: www.TheEndIsHereTour.com 

Preorder the album at: www.wearedangerkids.com

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blacklist/id1179514306

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/3N7q5meGCAvpjRAr2U8OX5


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