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Dangerkids, Andy Bane, interview, 2014


Interviewer: Andrew Wendowski – March 2014

Lets start off by you introducing yourself with the part you play in the band & by telling us a bit about Dangerkids. I’m Andy Bane and I’m the singer/screamer for Dangerkids. We’re just 5 friends from Dayton, Ohio touring the world playing the music we love.

MM-Q1: What inspired or brought on the name Dangerkids as your band name?

D>>-A1: We honestly don’t remember haha. At some point, someone said it and it just clicked. We felt like it had sort of a hip hop element to it which seemed fitting for us.

MM-Q2: Your current logo (>>) why did you choose these symbols to symbolize your band?

D>>-A2: It’s just kind of a universal symbol but to us, it represents “moving forward”. Whatever you do, you should always strive to get better and grow.

MM-Q3: How did you guys meet to form Dangerkids?

D>>-A3: All of our old bands used to play together in the Dayton Ohio area and have been friends for several years. Eventually our old bands called it quits and we formed dangerkids together.

MM-Q4: What inspired you to start/join a band & start creating music?

D>>-A4: Everything inspires us – all forms of music, art, and every day experiences. Making music is something we’ve all done since we were kids and we have a lot of fun doing it together.

MM-Q5: Any secrets you could share with us about future tours/unreleased songs? (Do you think youll be on Warped Tour 2014?)

D>>-A5: I wish I could say some of the things we have planned for the future but I have to keep it under wraps for now. All I can say is that we have more international and U.S. touring planned for this year.

MM-Q6: What most excited you guys about your upcoming tour with The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside & I Killed The Prom Queen?

D>>-A6: The whole line up is great! We’re really looking forward to it! We’re good friends with the Prada guys (they’re from Dayton too) so it will be great to hang with them all again for a few weeks.

MM-Q7: Can we look forward to any Dangerkids “Headlining Tour” in the near future?

D>>-A7: Not at the moment. We will at some point in the future but a headlining tour right now wouldn’t benefit us much.

MM-Q8: What is your favorite/least favorite part of touring?

D>>-A8: There really aren’t many downsides to it. Touring the world with your best friends is as great as it sounds. Being away from the rest of your friends and family is the only downer i guess, but it goes by pretty quick.

MM-Q9: Your going to be Music Mayhem’s first Magazine Cover Band, how do you feel about this?

D>>-A9: It’s awesome! Thanks for giving us the honor!

MM-Q10: What has been your “most interesting” Fan experience?

D>>-A10: We haven’t really had any crazy fan experiences (yet) but its definitely awesome when people bring us artwork they’ve made!

MM-Q11: If you could choose your bands “DREAM TOUR” with 3 opening bands of your choice & 1 co-headlining band of your choice Who would you choose & what would be the name of the tour? (DANGERKIDS being the headlining band)

D>>-A11: Thats a tough question haha. We would love to tour with ADTR, OM&M, BMTH, or Issues. Touring with any of those bands would be rad

MM-Q12: Do you have any new music coming out?

D>>-A12: Although we know you just released your debut album (COLLAPSE), which was awesome by the way.We’re always writing new music and already have a good start on album 2. I’m definitely stoked on it and it is def the best stuff we’ve ever written.

MM-Q13: how does a typical song writing/recording session go?

D>>-A13: Usually our songs start out with a verse or chorus and just build from there. no real mystery to it haha. Then we’ll lay down a few vocal melodies and pick the best

MM-Q14: Do you guys have any pre or post show rituals during tour?

D>>-A14: we dont really have any rituals … Unless you count chipotle. We eat a lot of chipotle haha

Photos By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

Interview By: Andrew Wendowski

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