Dallon Weekes, current Panic! At The Disco bassist, keyboardist, backing vocalist and one of the songwriters/lyricists behind their release Two Weird To Live, To Rare To Die!, introduces his brand new project, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.  IDK is a musical entity outside of its own time, one that, according to Weekes, faded away into obscurity in the early 80s, and today, through the internet, sees its performances and recordings being rediscovered by a world that finally just might be ready for IDK.

“I was in the middle of making a record when I came across this series of old cable access talent shows from thirty years ago,” said Weekes.  “It was this bizarre, low budget parade of the strangest people, and I couldn’t stop watching it.  I wanted to be on this crazy show, which was of course impossible.  That’s when the concept of ‘I Don’t Know How But They Found Me’ began.”
IDK’s first gem to be “rediscovered” is the single and music video for “Modern Day Cain” that premiered today, Seen below.
YouTube video
The concept for IDK began about a year ago at Weekes’ kitchen table where he recorded the major of IDK’s songs.  With a nearly non-existant budget, the project was forged in large part by friends who made necessities like recording equipment available to Weekes.
Live performances came next with Weekes enlisting drummer Ryan Seaman.  Over the past several months, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (a memorable line of dialogue taken from the classic time travel adventure “Back To The Future”) has played several “pop-up” shows around Los Angeles, each one supported by a single Instagram posting, and all near-instant sell outs.  With an initial seeding of the project to Weekes’ half-million Instagram followers, IDK has already accumulated more than 20,000 followers on its recently launched Instagram account.  And early press feedback has been quite promising:  “…the duo vibe of Twenty One Pilots and the rock vibe of what you would want The Beatles to sound like in a modern era.”
“There are so many great/brilliant artists that I’ve been exposed to because of the internet,” added Weekes., “acts like Death, The Nerves or Sparks. Brilliant acts who never achieved the massive success and cultural notoriety they had hoped for. As a fan, its so fun to discover something you didn’t know existed before. Every time someone re-discovers acts like this, it’s almost like giving them more of that chance they never had before. So I decided to make IDK an act from the past. One who WAS on this cable access show thirty years ago. A band that already had a story, but one that had to be discovered a piece at a time…”

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