Connecticut rockers Currents are gearing up for the release of their second full-length album, The Way It Ends (Preorder HERE), due out June 5th via Sharptone Records and after giving the forthcoming record a few early spins fans will certainly be pleased.

Currents have never been a band that is afraid to get a bit experimental with their sound, as the flawlessly fuse together elements of metalcore, progressive metal, and more in ways that create a sound that is very much all their own. We can say with confidence that the tracks that make up The Way It Ends are some of the band’s heaviest and strongest music to date.

The first single from the new album “A Flag To Wave” is receiving fantastic feedback and watching the accompanying music video for the track made us long for the feeling of a live concert once this COVID-19 pandemic has finally come to an end.

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We had the recent opportunity to catch up with Currents’ vocalist Brian Wille to talk about the recording process behind the upcoming new album, his thoughts on the current state of the music industry, the band’s creative process, and more. Check out our full chat with Wille below:

Q: We are sure you are incredibly excited to get this new album out on June 5th! How happy are you with the feedback that the singles have been receiving thus far?

BRIAN WILLE: It’s been really nice. Both singles are very different from one another and it is nice that they have been received pretty warmly and that makes me confidant for the response when the album comes out.

Q: When listening to The Way It Ends we truly felt as if we were engrossed within a story. Can you take us in the recording process and tell us what the mindset was like when you were putting everything together? 

BW: It definitely does have a little bit of a story to it. We recorded everything piece by piece … we start with an instrumental and then start working on the vocals from there and then once we are solid on everything there we will bring it to a producer and we will sit there with them and they will help us take it apart and make it into the full album. We will sit there for like two weeks, eight hours a day screaming into a microphone, and then it’s done and you send it off to go get mixed. That is when we started putting together some of the concepts and arranging the record. It all kind of happens all at once.

Q: We adored the video for “A Flag To Wave”, as it made us miss live music so much right now coming from a fan’s perspective. We can’t even imagine what you guys are going through right now! 

BW: Yeah, it’s rough. We were supposed to leave for a tour and go to Europe to tour with all these sweet bands and all that good stuff, but obviously we can’t now. We were just on a tour and the last five shows had to get canceled because of everything going on. It’s for a good reason, but it still sucks! It cuts your time short and we really didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye and getting readjusted to being home. You are a bit shellshocked saying ‘well, okay, I guess that’s over now’ … Now what?

Q: Does the band have any big plans for release day on June 5th despite the COVID-19 pandemic? How has that changed your plans for the rest of the year?

BW: It’s definitely canceled a lot of things and rescheduled some other things. We are kind of just going with the flow. We had planned to release the album before all of this happening and we just decided that we were going to anyway. We’ve been working on it for so long and we’ve been sitting on it for so long that we just can’t take it anymore and we just want everyone to hear it and hopefully, it gives people something to listen to if we are still in this situation by then.

Q: We adore that you guys are not afraid to play with various elements musically and be a bit experimental at times. How does that keep it interesting for you? No band wants to make the same album over and over again.

BW: I think it keeps things interesting for everybody and we definitely try to keep our core fanbase in mind when we are making musical decisions. I think that is important because you don’t want to alienate people who have liked your band and you don’t want to lose that thing that drew people in … I think that we just try to be mindful but still do things that we want to do, of course, but it makes us much more critical of everything as we want to make sure everything is right and if we explore a new element it’s done tastefully and it’s done correctly. We want to make sure that everything is up to par with our previous releases and what people would imagine would be the bar that we’ve set for ourselves.

Q: Your music always says a lot to listeners. Can you talk about some of the themes/stories running through the new album? 

BW: The main story with the new album is that we are spiraling into negativity … we are going into the depths. On the first album, we had these two individuals who were falling off a cliff on the background of the cover art for the first record and now have shifted our perspective and we’re focused on them and kind of seeing what is actually going on in their world. They are falling down this abyss that we don’t really know where it came from yet or what started it … we kind of do … we’ve kind of alluded to how it came to be but basically that’s kind of the story. They are spiraling into negativity and that is manifested on the album cover as these two people falling into the void. There’s talk of spiraling on the record because we kind of heed the void, so at times there is some mention of that and lyrically I was playing with that a little bit and I had that as my place to come back to and center on when I got lost. It played into the theme of the record and keeps everything cohesive.

Q: The album is brutal as hell, but also heartwrenching as well! 

BW: Yeah, there’s a lot going on (laughs)

Q: Listeners love to find music that they can escape into, especially now, so we think it is the perfect time for an album like this to be released. 

BW: We are hoping people like it because that’s the other thing too is when you are trying to make a story and create a mood and a vibe and I would hope fans at least appreciate the songs they don’t enjoy, but ultimately I just really hope everyone likes all of it.

Q: Any plans for the rest of 2020? Livestream performances and such? We know it is very hard for artist to plan around the current state of things right now. 

BW: We are trying to orchestrate a kind of live thing where we can at least get in there and chill with our fans, answer some questions, and just kind of hang out and stay connected. We are trying to find ways to do that and do it the right way but as far as live streaming a show or something that would be sweet, it’s just the how, the when, and all the details … as soon as we get to that phase we’re going to look into it and see if we can make something like that happen. We are definitely going to try to do some live streams, Q&A’s and keep doing interviews and things like that to stay involved and connected and try to keep our name in the air.

Q: How have you personally been keeping busy during quarantine? Binging any TV or film? 

BW: Yeah, of course! We are doing The Lord Of The Rings movies right now! My girlfriend is a big Harry Potter fan, but she’s never seen The Lord Of The Rings movies, so I said let’s start with The Hobbit which is out of order a bit, but a little less serious than the original trilogy, so we will start there because that is where the story begins and then we will move through all of them. That will keep us busy for a few weeks because they are all like four hours long!

Q: What is your hope that fans will take away from the new record?

BW: I’m hoping that everyone just takes their own spin on it. It’s a very loose story that is open to interpretation. We put what we wanted into and I see it one way, but I can’t control how other people see it or how other people want to take messages, so I hope that everyone comes away with something different, and hopefully, it is positive and makes a good impact.

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