Cry – The Used (Song Review)

The Used Cry Song Review“Cry” is the first and so far only single off of the sixth upcoming studio album Imaginary Enemy from The Used. The album is due for release April 1st under their label Anger Management Group through Hopeless Records. In an interview with bassist Jeph Howard it was stated they’ve made the album “backwards”; recording vocals first and then writing music to the vocals. This was their first time making an album in that way, reason being they didn’t like the sound of the songs when recording the music, so they scrapped about a dozen songs and started from scratch. The song itself is incredibly catchy, as many of the songs by The Used are, even though it is a bit of a change from back in the day. It’s gotten mixed reception from fans; some love it and others are calling it ‘poppy’. Which in all honesty doesn’t make much sense, since “All That I’ve Got” and “I Caught Fire” along with many other songs have catchy melodies and pop hooks as well. Lyric and content wise, its very clear what the speaker of the song is trying to say; they were left by a lover, and now their lover wants to come back, however it’s just not that easy; “I’m gonna let you bleed for a little bit, I’m gonna make you beg just for making me cry. I’m gonna make you wish you never said goodbye” ; “If you’re gonna take me back, you’re gonna have to ask nicer than that.” While the lyrics are simple, they’re empowering in a way. If someone leaves you and they come back with their tail between their legs, it’s not time to be ‘good cop’, they should have to prove themselves.

Rating: 4/5- Great song. Lyrically I love it, maybe because I’m just that kind of person that if you hurt me I’m not giving in to you easily and you need to prove to me you’re worth my time, or maybe it’s middle school nostalgia, but this song is better than I expected. It’s catchy and easy to pick up and sing along to. Imaginary Enemy is available for pre-order through iTunes now and also via their webstore

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