Crown The Empire's Brent Taddie; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski
Crown The Empire's Brent Taddie; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski

Crown The Empire Announces Departure Of Longtime Drummer Brent Taddie

Crown The Empire announced the departure of longtime drummer Brent Taddie.

The band, now consisting of Andy Leo, Brandon Hoover and Hayden Tree, revealed the news via social media on Thursday (Jan. 6) in a statement that read, “after many wonderful years of friendship, adventures, and non-stop touring together worldwide, Crown The Empire and Brent Taddie have parted ways.”

The statement continued, “While it is sad for us to see Taddie leave and move on to other things in life, this decision was made amicably between the members as it was understood that people’s interests change over time. To be on a working team, everyone needs to be happy and have the same goals in mind. We wish him nothing but the best in the future with everything he does, and we know he feels the same about us.” 

“2022 will be an exciting time for Crown The Empire and our fans; with so much more new music and touring, you can believe we have everything set up in place to allow for this all to happen without missing a beat,” the band added. “We love you and look forward to seeing you again (all over the world) this year. Love, Andy, Hayden, and Brandon – Crown The Empire”

See the group’s statement below.

Taddie replaced the band’s original drummer Alex Massey when he joined the band in 2011. 

The drummer appeared on all four Crown The Empire’s album, including The Fallout (2012), The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways (2014), Retrograde (2016) and Sudden Sky (2019).

A replacement for Taddie has yet to be announced.

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