Countries Where The Casino Industry is On The Rise

If you’re a bit of a globe trotter and love to visit the biggest and best casinos, you might have wondered where in the world the casino industry is on the rise and is at the cutting edge of the gambling industry. The obvious destination for casino lovers is, of course, Las Vegas, but there are several other places across the world which are hot on the heels of the City of Sin and have been on the rise. In our current global market, it is the countries, where the casino industry is booming and continuously rising which most heavily invest in huge, luxury, all-encompassing casino resort complexes, which not only hold huge casinos but are also complemented by boutique hotels, luxury shops and trendy bars and eateries. So, it’s worth keeping this in mind and before you choose a destination for your next trip, have a look into the following gambling hot spots like play Kingcasino and find out why you should definitely add them to your casino bucket list!

Macau, China

As many players who have visited and fallen in love with the immensely tall Macau Tower and stunning sweeping city views in the south coast of China will attest to, Macau is China’s answer to Las Vegas and is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia.” by many of its visitors and residents. Macau was previously a Portuguese colony but has since transformed itself into a bright, busy and vibrant city of lights continues to be on the rise as a destination for players. Macau has actually exceeded the revenues made by Las Vegas in the last decade, which may come as a surprise to some, but not to those who have visited and witnessed first-hand how spectacular the architecture and casinos are! The rise of Macau as a casino hotspot in Asia is a part of a much wider rise of the globalisation of China as a contender in the global casino market. As Macau was originally a Portuguese colony, it was once again under China’s rule in 1999 but it still has separate laws and regulations to mainland China and luckily for players, gambling is completely legal and is in fact the only place in the whole of greater china, including Hong Kong where it is legal to gamble – as you can imagine, this makes it a very popular destination for Chinese nationals as well as players from overseas!

The reason why Macau continues to be on the rise following this takeover is because of the money it invests in its luxury VIP rooms in their casinos – the completely tailor their experiences for their high-rolling guests and focus totally on players who are high-spending by providing intimate and private rooms within their establishments and couple this treatment with perks for VIPs. In these rooms, there are games and tournaments with extremely high stakes and this is where the big casino giants of Macau make the vast majority of their profit – in recent years it was reported that around 70% of the total revenue from Macau casinos were from high-rollers playing in luxury VIP rooms. The biggest success story of Macau has to be The Venetian Macao, which was built in the image of the original in Las Vegas original, but has far surpassed the original and is, in fact, the largest casino in the world!

The main reason why Macau has risen in the casino industry is that modern-day Macau was built on China’s overall global rise as well as the soaring wealth of Chinese nationals which was a result of the global rise. The continued rise of Macau’s success in the casino industry is reliant on its fantastic ability to lure in the mass-market player, as well as tourists of all types, as the ultimate holiday destination which is why they invest so heavily in resort-style casino complexes. It’s certain that as China’s middle-class continues to be on the rise Macau’s rise in the casino industry will remain on an upward spike and will continue for the foreseeable future!

Atlantic City, US

If you are already thinking of a trip to the US to visit Las Vegas but are looking for something different on the East Coast, Atlantic City could be a brilliant choice and this gambling hot spot has been continually on the rise for some time. In Atlantic City, it’s not just about the casinos, there is so much more to make this a dream destination as the city is a resort haven, with stunning beaches and glamorous hotels to make your trip perfect, as well as some of the world’s best casinos including Caesars Atlantic City, Trump Plaza Hotel, Borgata Casino and many, many more.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Fancy a European trip but want to make sure you visit some incredible casinos on your way? When you think of countries where the casino industry is on the rise, one of the smallest countries in both Europe and the world might not automatically spring to mind, but Monaco is home to the famous and glamorous Monte Carlo which is one of the most famous and most-loved gambling destinations in Europe! Monte Carlo attracts players from every continent in the world and its reputable casino industry continues to grow. Once again, behind the success of the casino industry in Monte Carlo is that the casino industry is part of a bigger package, with tourism being a huge drive for casino visitors who also want to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.

London, UK

The UK has always been a market leader when it comes to the casino industry and London alone has over 20 fantastic casinos to choose from, each of which offers a diverse gambling experience and a wide range of games to suit every player, from slots to Blackjack and Poker. The casinos also offer world-famous poker tournaments which have played a huge part in their successful rise. If you visit London you won’t have to look far for a casino to play in, but don’t miss the world-famous The Ritz Club and the Hippodrome Casino!

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