Cosmopolis Release “The Distances”

Cosmopolis is an innovative alternative/art rock band with major Radiohead, David Bowie vibes. Consisting of three musicians based around the world, in Belgium, Australia and England, this band makes music together physically sometimes, and other times virtually!

So yes, their music is occasionally recorded in multiple locations and is arranged, mixed, and mastered via the cloud. How cool is that!? Seriously, thank goodness for the power of technology. It’s truly a magically thing.

With the band’s unapologetically dark music and belief that the power of music can influence emotions, behaviors, and morals, “The Distances” expresses a claustrophobic and menacing feel. Both feelings are perfect for what’s going on right now, where most people feel mentally stuck or are literally stuck at home, for months.

With haunting lyrics like, “There’s no nature here / Don’t stay / You’re not welcome here / You’re not wanted here / Get out of here,” you experience the premonition of being left out and not important, or… the feeling of being distant.

According to the band, the song obliquely compares the end of Romanticism, shattered by the 20th century, and the environmental crisis of the 21st.

Listen to “The Distances” below:

Be sure to follow Cosmopolis on social media, because they will be releasing more singles throughout 2020 and 2021, along with live concerts planned (COVID permitting) for the second half of 2021.

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