Photo Courtesy: @Corey_Feldman on Twitter

Corey Feldman Slams Marilyn Manson Claiming Injury was a “Publicity Stunt”

Corey Feldman has taken to Twitter to slam Marilyn Manson after his on-stage injury, where a gun prop fell on-top of Mason crushing and trapping him under the prop that is said to weigh hundreds of pounds, Feldman replied to Loudwire’s tweet about Manson’s injury saying “Looong story if U R just catching up…..let’s just say he brought it on himself. #PUBLICITYSTUNT” continuing in another tweet saying “I just think it was planned 4 attention since his album isn’t selling what he expected.” Feldman continuing to go back and forth with some of Manson’s diehard fans as they defended his injury, Feldman telling one fan “He’s just a terrible human being” and another fan being told “he’s very ill in the head!” See the tweets mention and several others below.


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