Circa Survive – Decensus (Album Review)

Descensus is the 5th studio album from Phily/Doylestown rockers Circa Survive. The album was released November 24, 2014 under Sumerian Records. Prior to the albums release Sumerian uploaded album teasers to YouTube announcing the relase date and new songs. There were two singles released prior to the release of the album. The first of which being “Schema” released October 27, 2014 and “Only the Sun” released November 4th, 2014.  Fan reception has been mainly positive, many people are loving the album, I didn’t find many negative comments.  The album overall has a really easy tempo and beat; it’s very pleasant to listen to. Anthony Green’s voice is very easy on the ears, and sounds very friendly and reassuring in a way, all in all very nice to listen to.  There was only one standout track on this album to me, “Who Will Lie With me Now?” It’s a slow and easy tempo, while it’s just an instrumental it’s my favorite song on the album and would play it on a loop to help me sleep, it’s so soothing.

Rating 4/5- All around a very interesting sound. It’s upbeat but very easy to listen to. Usually, upbeat songs are in your face, not so much here. I very much recommend giving this album a listen!

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