Christina Aguilera; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Christina Aguilera; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Christina Aguilera Confirms Two New Albums Are On The Way

Christina Aguilera has two new albums on the way!

Throughout social media over the last few weeks, the iconic pop singer has been teasing the release of two new albums, which she recently confirmed. The singer is set to release two “different passion projects,” an album in English and another in Spanish, according to iHeartRadio. The upcoming Spanish record will mark her second Bilingual release since releasing Mi Reflejo (My Reflection) in 2000, while the English project will follow her 2018 album, Liberation.

“I’ve always kind of inserted different styles within my albums,” Aguilera recently told TooFab. “The last record kind of explored me coming out of a time where I was feeling like I was coming out of a place where I wasn’t so happy and I wanted to rediscover who I was as an artist and being able to do that again and have the freedom to do that, so now I’m in really great place.”

In regards to the new albums, Aguilera explained to the outlet that there will be “two different feels” with the forthcoming projects.

“I’m surrounded with people that I feel so much connection and love for and from,” she continued to tell TooFab. “I built these friendships over years and let go of some at the same time and have rebuilt new ones in the past year that I’m feeling so on a high about so you know it’s all good and I’ll speak a little bit about that on the records.” 

Referencing the Spanish project, she joked that she was a “freakin’ teenager like baby” when she dropped Mi Reflejo 20 years ago and that her new Spanish effort will be a more matured sound.

“When I listen back to that record, I’m proud of it, but it was like baby Christina,” she explained to iHeartRadio of Mi Reflecjo. “Now, I get to explore my roots and the culture a little bit more deeply than I ever have before. I went to Miami and spent a month with incredible writers and producers and singers, and just the talent in the Latin community is so huge. They have a love and a passion for what they do that kind of is incomparable to anything else. It really brings me so much joy to bring this to life and explore my past, and even my relationships.”

No official release dates or album titles have been shared as of yet.

Additionally, the vocal powerhouse is set to perform at the Hollywood Bowl later this month on July 16 and 17.

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